How To Check BSNL Dataone Broadband Usage?

dataone usage check

I’ve been one of the yearly few to switch to BSNL Dataone broadband services in my region. It was probably the first ever government run enterprise offering broadband services at cheaper prices. One of the early drawbacks of the state run BSNL Dataone broadband service was how to check usage? The initial plans were limited to 1/2GB and then eventually unlimited plans were launched and then night unlimited packages. Still every BSNL user has, at some point, faced the BSNL Dataone over billing issue. So it’s essential to check BSNL Dataone broadband usage from time to time to ensure a smooth functioning.

BSNL Dataone broadband portal for checking data usage has now been simplified and improved to a lot of extent. Earlier users were supposed to rely on third party software to calculate free and paid Dataone usage. Now the new portal is quite helpful as it eliminates the need for installing and using any extra software. It displays the usage in a neat tabular format clearly mentioning and separating night unlimited usage with the one under data cap. Quite helpful. One can simply log on to Dataone broadband’s page and click on account administration link. It redirects the users to a specific portal accessible only from a Dataone broadband account.

At some point the servers get clogged and users cannot access the BSNL Dataone broadband portal. In such cases you can alternatively access other servers to check your usage. The other servers are;

Please note that these are only accessible while using a BSNL Dataone broadband connection.

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