5 Bollywood Actresses Who Look Good in Sarees

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
aishwarya rai in saree
The Bachchan family bahu may look 35+ in western outfits and Cannes misfits but she’s one hot Bollywood chic when she’s sporting a sensuous saree. The Indian traditional dress fits just about perfect on the lady.

2. Malaika Arora Khan
malaika arora in saree

Mother of 1-2..I lost count but no matter how many babies this sleek machine produces she keeps getting hotter and hotter. Malaika Arora Khan is someone you could dream about even when she turns 50. The sultry actress may have been reduced to more of an item girl in Bollywood but when she dons a saree, look no further.

3. Bipasha Basu
bipasha basu in saree

Hot chocolate is what I call her, Bipasha has been a major hit when it comes to traditional Indian attire. In case you look closer you’ll find her curves exactly fit those required to carry a saree perfectly. A 10/10.

4. Shilpa Shetty
shilpa shetty in saree

I lost interest in Ms Shetty once she decided to get married to a filthy rich businessman. I didn’t expect her to marry me but at least she should have waited but I hope she can read this and still consider me as her next life partner (yes seriously) as I’ve pushed her into this list. Jokes apart Shilpa looks great in a saree.

5. Priyanka Chopra
priyanka chopra in saree

The desi girl looks amazingly attractive in a saree. I’m a big fan Priyanka!

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