How To Make Cool Animated Videos Online

Wondering how you can make your very own cool animated video online without using expensive complex software? Well look no more. Here’s a cool way to make your own animated videos online including voice. That too in a jiffy and no downloads necessary.

Xtranormal is a tool for making online animated videos using a neat interface built in Flash. You can choose a scene, select one or two actors, cameras, viewing angles, actor expressions, sounds and of course animations. The interface is free to use and is a pretty simple one to get used to. The whole video creation process is made easy thanks to the drag and drop interface. The best thing about the service is that you can add voice to your videos by simply entering text and that gets converted to voice using a text-to-speech engine that works in the background.

make online video animated

The possibilities with this tool are endless. One could end up making viral videos of any length using this. The application integrates Facebook Connect allowing you to simply sign in using your Facebook credentials. You can save your own videos in your account or watch videos created by others and remix them as well!

While this may be just another tool apart from the plenty of others available online, I’d say Xtranormal scores with it’s powerful set of functionality, sleek interface and ease of use.

Take a look at a video created using Xtranormal:

This is brilliant stuff!

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