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dominos online pizza delivery

Domino’s Pizza India recently started it’s online delivery service throughout the country. Initially only a few stores were wired to their online delivery model but now it seems the pizza chain’s stores are all set to cater to the Indian web audience. The service is available for both cash on delivery and online credit card payments.

I tried out their online delivery service a few days ago and had a mixed experience. Mixed because I liked a few things about their service and I really hated a few. To start with it’s a great user interface built on Flash (sorry Apple!). You can choose your pizza, add extra toppings, choose crust etc. Then you can add side orders, beverages and apply a coupon as well. That’ sweet!

Now comes the part that scares most of the Indians – making the payment online. While those who opt for cash on pizza delivery can simply pay cash to the delivery boy using a happiness code that is sent on your mobile phone during the transaction, those who opt for credit card need to enter their credit card credentials to make the payment. There’s no need to worry about that. Domino’s is using Citibank’s online credit card payment gateway which is pretty smooth. Once you’re done with the payment your order is processed which means you wait for a minute or so before it displays the confirmation of the order.

I received a call from the Domino’s staff (mind you this is not from the Domino’s store) within 60 seconds of making the payment. The guy confirmed my order and my address. That was quick! I had hoped my order will arrive quicker now. Now comes the worst part. It takes more than 50 minutes for the order to reach you. The store, I felt, isn’t much aware of how this whole thing works. The dude who delivered the pizza asked me if I had made the payment or not. He got the bill signed and left.

While it’s a great e-commerce initiative from Domino’s (yes they deserve a round of applause for this dare), it’s clear Domino’s has a long way to go in making it a successful venture. For one, there’s not even a single customer care number displayed throughout the online pizza delivery microsite. We’re Indians and we care more about whom to approach in case we’re screwed during any step of the transaction. I didn’t need to talk to anyone while ordering or even when once my payment failed but still, customer care is essential.

Kudos to Domino’s for this service, works wonders for people like me who’re always out of cash at home.

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  1. not trustworthy , my payment was done and the order couldn’t get pushed to the kitchen!! wtf is that .. my money is gone and + i am not getting my pizza ..the site doesn’t even gave me an order no. so that i can show that to the store … what!!!! so they first take money and then push the order ..!! not well made ..rejecteddddd.

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