5 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Effective communication is key to achieve almost any goal, be it in life, business or anywhere else. Communication skills are acquired over a period of time which explains how those who are older are able to communicate almost flawlessly. You can easily learn to communicate effectively and clearly. It will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your peers and also help you run a highly successful small or large enterprise. If you are interested to tap into in any online selling opportunities, good communication will always help you grow your business.

Before we proceed, let’s think for a moment what essentially good communication means. Communication is more than just a simple exchange of words or information. There’s a lot more involved on different levels, especially about understanding and conveying emotions and thus your intentions to another person. Communication is always a two-way street. It’s also not what you say to the other person, but how you perceive what you hear and read is what matters. Learning how you can improve your communication skills will help you excel in promoting your small business through content marketing strategies.

Some problems that may come in the way of an effective communication:

1. Too much stress

2. No focus

3. Body language issues

4. Negative thinking

Improving your communication skills will revolve around coming up with solutions for these key issues. Let’s take a look at how you can easily improve your communication skills:

1. Start listening

Good communication begins with better listening. Listening isn’t just a mental transaction of what the speaker has said but it also involves understanding the emotions and intention behind what has been said. You must be engaged in a conversation for effective communication to flow across. This way you will be able to hear the little details which can otherwise be missed in a serious conversation. The idea behind good communication is to build a strong, deep and engaged connection with the speaker. You can easily become a n engaged listener by focusing entirely on the speaker. Absorb as much as possible you can from the speaker, including the body language and other possible nonverbal hints. A majority of communication now is non-verbal and this is why you need to be an active listener at all times.

2. Get the body language right

Just like verbal communication, nonverbal cues are equally important. There are times when people prefer to communicate through body language when they can’t find the words to express themselves. Body language comprises of facial expressions, gestures, eye movements and contact and even the tone of your voice. Your looks and physical movements while talking are also a part of your body language when it comes to communication. You shouldn’t refrain from using body language to communicate effectively. Make sure you maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to. Supplement your verbal communication with nonverbal cues to make it more effective.

3. Tell a story

How you choose to communicate is also very essential in making sure the person on the other end listens carefully. Telling stories works because they help our brain stay activated throughout the conversation. It takes out the boring aspects of any conversation and helps make you even more persuasive. You can convince others, perform better at interviews and efficiently get your ideas through. While delivering presentations, the top CEOs use these techniques to keep their audience hooked and still get their message delivered. Online sellers use powerful content marketing skills to weave stories around their brands to entice consumers.

4. Ask more questions

Asking questions serves to main purposes. First, it tells the other person that you’re really interested in the conversation. Second, it also helps you grab certain parts of the conversation which you may have missed out on for some reason. Asking questions works very well for both the parties. You could even repeat the person’s last couple of words to lay stress and clarify certain important parts of the conversation.

5. Keep stress at bay

When you are stressed, communication becomes a problem. Stress makes it harder for us to focus on conversations and grasp ideal points. You are also more likely to misinterpret others when you are stressed. This creates unnecessary misunderstandings that is not good for anyone. Keep stress away before important meetings or conversations. Make sure you have a personal strategy to calm down and relax yourself if you find yourself in a stressful situation. Communicating to the other party about your situation could also work, you could ask for some time off before you engage in a conversation.

Engineering College Placements – The Salary

While sitting for an interview at an Indian B-grade engineering college you don’t talk about the salary. No sir, no way.

Interviewer – Alright you can go now. We’ll let you know if you’ve been selected soon.
Interviewee- But sir should we discuss salary now or after the selection?
Interviewer – [with a puzzled look] Salary?
Interviewee- Yes sir I believe I must sort it out so I can choose a company accordingly.
Interviewer – Just where do you think you are? You’re not sitting inside an IIT mister! This is not a 500,000 grand a year job we’re talking about here. You need to take off that thinking cap of yours and come to terms with the reality here. You’re the ones who chant unemployment slogans when you don’t get jobs. You’re the kind of people who would commit suicides for not making it to the top. You’re the ones you curse IITians. You’re the one who gives the whole engineering graduates a bad name. Just what in this world do you people think? Is it the movies that’s corrupting your brains or what? [and he went on]

As reported by Mr. Trehan, an upcoming software engineer.

Engineering Graduates Are Unemployable. Duh!

engineering jobsA recent survey carried out by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the World Bank suggests that 64% of the surveyed employers find engineering graduates of no use. Or in simple terms fresh engineering graduates are dumb asses. The report claims that a major skill gap exists which requires engineering colleges and institutions to focus on the employability factor.

The results of the survey are not surprising. In a country where engineering colleges are producing tens of thousands of fresh engineering graduates every year, there’s a clear understanding that somehow these factors shall remain untouched. Private engineering colleges have become roadside dhabas. There’s one after every few kilometers on either side of the road. It’s easier to get admission in an engineering college than anywhere else provided your Dad has a bank balance.
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The Great Indian Brain Drain Theory

I was having this interesting conversation with one of my friends who runs a small startup here in Delhi and he was telling me how easy it is to find talented techies here. With talented techies he means those desperate short term diploma holders from NIIT/Aptech or graduates from B-Grade engineering colleges who are ready to work for peanuts. Of course there is this one in ten candidate who has worked at a major IT company and carries that work experience letter with him always, asking for a higher pay package.

My friend responds to my continuous mocking at the so called techie talent pool in India by saying that Indians are employed at some of the best IT companies across the globe and have been involved in several major projects. All of a sudden he breaks into silence when I ask him, why didn’t Apple, Microsoft and Google originate from India? I guess he didn’t had an answer to that as he left the conversation in a jiffy, finished with his coffee and took his leave.

I spent the next one hour sitting in the cafeteria, slowly sipping my coffee and pretending to work on my MacBook. I was trying to give my own question some thoughts. I can understand that while some of the biggest ideas didn’t really trigger from here but a major portion of those responsible were in fact Indians. So what is stopping another Apple, Microsoft or Google to happen from India?
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The Complete Guide to Campus Placements 2009

2009 campus placementsAre you a final year engineering or management student? Have you already been placed in a company or are you looking to get placed in the last semester this year? Or are you a pre-final year student looking to get placed in a company this year in 2009? If the answer to any of these preceding questions is a ‘yes’, chances are you’re already shitting in your pants.

The great American recession bought a slowdown to the Indian economy and then Satyam happened. Everyone around you is talking about how people are losing jobs everyday and you feel the pain when you read the newspapers. So what should you do now? I say you’ve got two options. One, the easy one, find yourself a filthy rich girl and get married to her. Two, the get-real one, embrace yourself, be prepared and hope for the best. There are still jobs out there, companies are still hiring and you still don’t need to get out and ring those bells at temples like they do in Bollywood flicks.

Here’s a snappy little guide to help you survive and prepare yourself for the campus placements scenario in 2009.
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Satyam Shivam Sundaram

A leading Indian outsourcing company Satyam had inflated it’s earnings and assets. A revelation made by the company’s co-founder and chairman, Ramalinga Raju, made Satyam the most talk about company of the day as it bought the company down to it’s knees. The Indian stock market roiled as the industry went into a turmoil. Raju made this revelation in a resignation letter he sent to the board of directors of the company on Wednesday.

As per Raju 50.4 billion rupees of the 53.6 billion rupees listed in the company’s assets for the second quarter were non existing. Now that’s a whopping amount of money. The incident could have some serious effects on the huge Indian outsourcing industry which is already experiencing economic slowdowns. Satyam employees now fear losing their jobs. It is obvious that Satyam would be acquired by a bigger company in the near future. So if you were thinking of getting placed in Satyam during this placement season, forget it.

So Mr. Raju tried to do an Enron in India and thought he could get away. Wait till they fry your ass in jail you moron. Satyam’s share prices fell by as much as 70%. The investors would be some angry people right now.

The Great Indian Infosys Interview!

People could kill to get into Infosys. I am not talking about IITians here. Engineering students like you and me who belong to the second grade of engineering colleges eye Infosys as a Goddess! People prepare for their rounds of interview, tests etc. for months, spend thousands at coaching classes.

This interview dates back to January 2008, during the Infosys HR interview rounds on your campus. The legendary person Mr. Amit Khullar from apna Punjab made a point. Although he has passed out he still remains an icon to his juniors like me. Amit is currently pursuing his dream, inside his father’s old workshop, somewhere in Punjab itself. He aims to topple Microsoft and Google from the IT mainstream.
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So who’s proud to be an Indian?

i am not proud to be an indian

I don’t care if they shoot me down after this. I don’t care if the Government bans me from writing on public blogs. I don’t care if you guys reading this verbally abuse me. I don’t care if I am banned from my nationality. For the millionth time I just wanna tell the world that I am not proud to be an Indian.

I am no different. I am not out of my mind. I’m just like each one of the billion people who call themselves Indians. The same people who abuse the country, it’s politicians, corruption etc. countless times during the day and once an year they chant, ‘Vande Mataram’.

I am no different. I am a part of the lakhs of students in the country. The same set of students who work very hard in studies just to sit for an exam that could be their ticket out of the country. These same set of students feel for India. These are the same students who go sentimental after watching Rang De Basanti. These are the same students who then forget all morals and commit crime. These are the same students who work at top notch MNCs, buy from International brands, eat at Mc Donalds. And they still say, ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’.

I am no different. I hate all the bad things like corruption and prejudice. I don’t pretend that I like the nation, like you. I hate the national anthem being played at movie theaters. I hate the roads filled with dirty water. I hate the filthy politicians. I hate our so called system.

Raising Money For College, the naughty way!

A 22 year old American student is all set to auction her virginity on a radio show. No she’s not another upcoming Paris Hilton but she’s doing it to raise money for college. She is even willing to submit to a polygraph test and a gynaecological exam, in case anyone doubts her virginity. How’s that for desperation?

So how far can you go for raising money to pay for college fees. Education might not be as expensive as in the United States and the UK but still it manages to blow a big hole in your pocket. Technically it’s your parents bank balance.

Money saved is money earned. Here is how you can go about saving your parents hard earned cash:

++ Sell your virginity everywhere. If a dumb American girl is smart enough to think of something like this, use your proud Indian tag to copy the whole idea. Since you’re a smart Indian student, you might as well sell your virginity a thousand times and still be able to pass the polygraph test. (Corruption mate!)

++ Go easy on booze. College is the time when you begin experimenting with all sorts of things containing alcohol. Booze isn’t dirt cheap. It adds to your expenses. Getting addicted will certainly add insult to injury.

++ Beg, borrow or steal books. Your books are important than Paris Hilton. They certainly come in handy during exams. You just can’t afford to buy brand new books from the local bookstore. Borrow books from your seniors. In case you get a chance, steal some from the college library.

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