Engineering College Placements – The Salary

While sitting for an interview at an Indian B-grade engineering college you don’t talk about the salary. No sir, no way.

Interviewer – Alright you can go now. We’ll let you know if you’ve been selected soon.
Interviewee- But sir should we discuss salary now or after the selection?
Interviewer – [with a puzzled look] Salary?
Interviewee- Yes sir I believe I must sort it out so I can choose a company accordingly.
Interviewer – Just where do you think you are? You’re not sitting inside an IIT mister! This is not a 500,000 grand a year job we’re talking about here. You need to take off that thinking cap of yours and come to terms with the reality here. You’re the ones who chant unemployment slogans when you don’t get jobs. You’re the kind of people who would commit suicides for not making it to the top. You’re the ones you curse IITians. You’re the one who gives the whole engineering graduates a bad name. Just what in this world do you people think? Is it the movies that’s corrupting your brains or what? [and he went on]

As reported by Mr. Trehan, an upcoming software engineer.

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