Engineering Graduates Are Unemployable. Duh!

engineering jobsA recent survey carried out by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the World Bank suggests that 64% of the surveyed employers find engineering graduates of no use. Or in simple terms fresh engineering graduates are dumb asses. The report claims that a major skill gap exists which requires engineering colleges and institutions to focus on the employability factor.

The results of the survey are not surprising. In a country where engineering colleges are producing tens of thousands of fresh engineering graduates every year, there’s a clear understanding that somehow these factors shall remain untouched. Private engineering colleges have become roadside dhabas. There’s one after every few kilometers on either side of the road. It’s easier to get admission in an engineering college than anywhere else provided your Dad has a bank balance.

Curriculum is a major factor here. Most IT companies demand advanced computer skills and good communication skills. As per the survey, the companies are satisfied with the communication skills part whereas they find it difficult to hire a fresh engineering graduate with skills in modern programming languages and platform. That’s so obvious. How many programming languages are covered by most universities’ curriculum? Two? In some cases three? Even here the part that is ‘covered’ isn’t anywhere close to the level of solving real life problems once you get on a job. This is why companies like Infosys, HCL, TCS and Accenture hire fresh engineering graduates and throw them into a six month extensive training period. Only if someone could come up with an updated curriculum it could save everyone time and money.

This report is yet another slap on the face of our education system. I wonder if the relevant authorities even get a copy of this survey let alone reading it.

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