pvr cinemas at centra mall chandigarh review

I finally tried out the newly opened PVR Cinemas at Centra Mall Chandigarh also known as PVR Centra. I went for the first day first show of Sex And the City. The mall is yet to begin with full operations. As of now only PVR Cinemas has opened it’s doors. Everyone and even the newspapers have been talking a lot about the parking issues at the Centra Mall. Personally I didn’t experience any parking problem. Although they have a limited space inside the two level basement parking which is bound to choke during peak hours. Enough of that now! Coming back to PVR. The staff at their box office is pretty friendly. Since I already booked my tickets online last night, they had my tickets ready for me. I mean they had already got them printed and the whole process was quick. The PVR Cinemas are located on the fourth floor. There are escalators but still the fourth floor seems to high up. PVR Centra has four screens. The security was pretty tight. They even wanted me to show them my cell phone was actually a cell phone by activating the display. Even if I was supposed to carry say a digicam inside, you won’t make out if it’s a cell phone or a digicam by that! The interiors are pretty well done. The cinema hall was not even 20% of it’s capacity. People here only like Super hero movies or what? PVR Centra failed the popcorn test. They even failed the Pepsi test. My drink had everything but bubbles. Guys I need the fizz! Everyone buys cola for fizz and not ice with water thrown inside a disposable glass labelled as ‘Large’. I didn’t dare to try the Burgers, Hot Dogs they kept showing on the screen during the interval. This is usual PVR stuff. Also I must mention the leg space isn’t any good either. PVR has some sort of a scam running up their site. They show the last row seats i.e the Prime ones as sold out each time. None of those seats were occupied by any one. They looked comfy to me! I don’t understand what these people have in mind. So the movie ends and I came back home. Not entirely happy with PVR Centra. Not entirely mad at them as well. I’ll give you another try people. Make me happy.

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