PVR at Centra Mall Chandigarh

PVR at centra mall in Chandigarh PVR Cinemas has finally landed in Chandigarh! PVR is located at Uppal’s Centra Mall in Industrial Area, Chandigarh. They have started started operations from today. They have four auditoriums. Currently they are showing three movies to begin with. The last time I checked out the Centra Mall it looked like it was just about ready. So I guess they’ll have the rest of the mall open to public quite soon. Centra Mall is the third mall in Chandigarh. There are two more malls which are expected to open up in the next 2-3 weeks. PVR promises a great movie experience. I’ll be the judge of that!

Update: Here is the full review of the PVR Cinemas Chandigarh. Please click here to read it.

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27 Replies to “PVR at Centra Mall Chandigarh”

  1. parkin is soo hhorrible its not a mall its a kind of choti choti market

    made one over d top of other.. so much packed in a straight row…..

    nd parkin really bad

  2. The Parking of cars on the road is in itself so horrifying that i do not wish to even enter the mall.
    parking is a basic facility which has been not attended.
    this is going to cost the mall badly
    thanks – amit

  3. it was supposed to be one of the most expected happening place in heart of chandigrah but it came out as most pathetic place in chandigarh because of it’s poor architecture and horrible parking arrangement .

  4. it is disgusting that the management is not ready to give tickets (to ordinary people) for the exclusive P n N rows despite the halls being totally EMPTY.. it seems that the exclusive rows are only for the VIPs and the sadest part is that the manager is not willing to speak to the customers .. certainly will not be visiting it again….

  5. pathetic experience…..i just went twice n both times parking was full n the best part was security was allowing everyone to park the cars in parking whereas we were holding tickets in advance but no previlage to get your tickets booked in advance!!!Better to watch flicks only at FR or DT…..better options because of good parking space.

    Centra mall is just spoiling PVRs’ reputation because of poor facilities at centra!!PVR should think about this!!!

  6. Hi,

    I have been trying to view the movies schedule on the pvrcinemas website but it has been a long time(days), it’s unaccessible. Can u please tell me the show timings for Fashion for tomorrow evening show.

  7. There is no Indian food.No parking.There is not a proper system for exiting.Sad to say that it is not god as much as others but we prefer it only for movies.

  8. PVR Chandigarh is the most favourite place for our family. The ambience is great. Staff is polite and so helpful. With valet parking I feel like a king. Any day it is ‘Thumbs Up’ for PVR Chandigarh.

  9. what to talk about parking? Forget about that. I haven’t been able to book tickets for Delhi 6 for the last 3 days. The pvr chandigarh website is sooooooo crappppy. It does not god damnn open the booking page. If i try to call, the number does not exist. and if by chance the ring goes, nobody picks up the god damn phone… somebody please help me. i want to watch delhi 6 today only. i am desperate. Doom on you centra people

  10. parking is really a project at santra mall…..last time i parked d car at TOYOTA MOTERS… shopping area is almost wd empty shops… no fun to be there… ravi..9876544415

  11. the security guards appointed in Centra Mall at Industrial Area, Phase-I, Chandigarh always do misbehaves to girls, ladies gowing over the road. It is very bad to see all that…..bcoz the people who are there for security do such mean and bad things just for their own happiness……I, think there should be a camera from entry too, it will protect the Mall and future mishappenings from some terrorists and also keep an eye on the working of staff appointed there. And the faulty person then be punished by the higher authority of PVR….I m saying all this bcoz I have seen I girl going out of the Mall side and one sardar guard misbehaved with her,,,, passed comment and very bad expressions…….I like Centra Mall, but if such kind of thinks happens there, then no one like to go there……………..

  12. I want to see the movie “harry potter and the half blood prince” and for this i want to know the morning & afternoon timings of the show and also want to know the prices for the same,,,,can i know the required informations…..It is my favourite movie………..plz.plz…..

  13. I have been trying to view the movies schedule on the pvrcinemas website but it has been a long time(days), it’s unaccessible. Can u please tell me the show timings for Fashion for tomorrow evening show.

  14. benetton showroom here in dis mall …….itz collection iz quite satisfactory…….best showroom in de mall…….try it out…

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  16. Yrr I love that girl who is in PVR cenema food court staff , I dnt knw her name bt she is soo cute I saw her today, she is just awsome

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