DT Cinemas at Chandigarh

DT Cinemas Chandigarh review photos book tickets multiplexIt feels go good to be back in Chandigarh! Especially after such a long torturous examination period. So we decided to get started with the much awaited and much delayed vacations with trying out a new multiplex in town. DT Cinemas is located at the newly opened DLF City Center Mall right next to the Infosys building at the Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park at Chandigarh. I booked the tickets online at BookmyShow. The online movie ticket booking was really smooth. I’d highly recommend BookmyShow!

DLF City Center mall and dt cinemas chandigarh review The mall is pretty good itself. It’s the second mall here in Chandigarh. Although it’s not completely finished as yet you can still spot some major brands there. Coming back to DT Cinemas, they have a box office right inside the mall on the ground floor itself. If you’ve booked your tickets online then you won’t need to wait for long. The audis are located on the third floor. The seats are pretty comfortable. Good leg space. This is something missing at Fun Cinemas at Chandigarh. The only thing lacking here at DT Cinemas was good food. Quality isn’t anywhere on the menu. The prices are explosive as expected from a multiplex. The staff is pretty lazy. Expect them to miss sugar with your coffee. On the whole they have a lot of growing up to do until they’re able to provide a fine movie experience for the movie-goers. I’m still wondering how PVR will open up to the audiences here in Chandigarh. A couple of more new malls are expected to open up in the coming 2-3 months!

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  1. guys even the food court at DLF has opened up. i was there last sunday. The chinese food at Mad About China is awesome. Just try their sizzlers. They are absolute value for money and yummm !!

    Also i discovered the new book store. has agreat collection and is surely a great place for bookworms like me

  2. Mad About China is the Chinese outlet at the DLF Food court. I tried their combos. AWESOME is the word. The spices are just right and the flavour amazing. MAD ABOUT CHINA really makes me go mad !!

    The entire foodcourt is beautifully designed. A great place to have some great food at affordable prices !!

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