Tata Indicom WiMAX in Chandigarh!

After WiFi failed to live up to it’s expectations it’s time Chandigarh gets a slice of the WiMAX party. Tata Indicom is the first company to launch WiMAX broadband internet access in the city. WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard which is also popularly known as WirelessMAN. WiMAX can prove to be a great alternative to cable and DSL.

how wimax works

Currently Tata Indicom is charging a little over Rs. 2000 for security and installation which might be a bit too high. It’s not sure if the installation includes the price of a WiMAX adapter card. The installation and security can be waived off provided you pay up an advance rental of four months. The tariff plans are similar to the ones currently being offered by other broadband service providers in the city. A 256kbps unlimited broadband connection has been priced at around Rs. 750 and 384kbps for Rs. 1000.

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    I installed my service on the 16th of August, today is 21st August, but I have not had even 5 minutes of service yet. the tech support is the worst i have ever seen, they didnt send anyone to my place to fix the problem, nor have they refunded any money.

    i called them about 45 times already, but to no avail. everyone, please stay away from these assholes

  2. Wahts the downloading speed if i get a 384 kbps ?
    and waht can i do to avoid installation and security charges ?
    is there any scheme that can be adopted to avoid these charges ?

  3. Its Very good connection only if u get it right and u have some technical knowlege to manage it.
    i am so happy that i would rate it above airtel and Lazy BSNL. it has a blistering surfing speed. its very fast u just click it and the page opens too fast i world say. though its a bit expensive, but considering the services that i get its worth going for.

  4. Never ever get these guys to install the so called WIFI. They haven’t got a clue to what it like providing a service. All they care is money upfront and then when your net does not work they are least bothered. Call them and they never respond- Excellent at making excuses. Shame on TATA the so called flag ship of India. End of the day a third world country stays a third world counrty.

  5. wimax in chandigarh is bad. see my previous comment. its been a year + and i have still not received my refund from these assholes. 4500 rupees are still owed to me by them. but writing emails to them is of no use, these bastards never reply.

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  7. Its now been 2 years since I have not received my refund from these guys in chandigarh. I suggest everyone to stay away from these people as they are the biggest cheaters that I have ever met in my life.

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