Exclusive Music Review: Dev D

I think Anurag Kashyap is a brilliant film maker and I also think that Abhay Deol has risen from the ashes. So when both the A’s come together on a brilliant little concept of modern day version of the epic Devdas it’s not surprising that the hype surrounding the project would be maximum. After watching the promos of Dev D recently and digging up information about the movie all over the web, my money is on this flick!

Soundtrack is as essential in Bollywood as shopping is to women. I think a soundtrack works like a first impression of the movie. My statistics say that one is bound to watch a movie whose music sounds good. Although movies like Dev D don’t need to prove themselves but the Patna Ke Presleys starring in the song everyone is talking about, Emotional Atyachar, is a clear signal that Anurag Kashyap means business. The music has been composed by Amit Trivedi and take my word for it, it’s one hell of a ride. Come let’s check it out and listen for yourself!

Aankh Micholi

The soundtrack opens up with this song by Amit Trivedi who is also the music composer for this soundtrack. Amit sings this one pretty well. A decent song.

Dev Chanda – Themes 1

This is a rather sweet melody by Amit Trivedi. Now I really needed to Google out the guy. Amit you’re on my must-checkout list of music composers.

Dev Chanda – Themes 2

The second melody of the soundtrack. Come on dude give me some music. My ears are hungry!

Dhol Yaara Dhol

This song by Shilpa Rao and Kshitij is a slow track. It’s quite interesting if you sit down and listen to it carefully. Another decent track.

Dil Mein Jaagi

Talk about slow music and in comes another. Dil Mein Jaagi sung by Mani is an exceptional song. Very beautifully sung and the lyrics are great too.


Amit Trivedi comes back with the next track Duniya. Interesting lyrics again as they remind me of Oye Lucky Lucky Oye!

Ek Hulchul Si

Whoa! This is one big soundtrack. Joi Barua is a brand new voice for my ears. He does impress with this song. Another decent track. But I’m looking for something exceptional here!

Emosanal Attyachaar – Brass Band Version

Here comes the track I was looking for. One of my favourite tracks of the year. A song that has a nice story behind it. A wonderfully written and executed song. Five stars for this song dude!
Full song lyrics!

Emosanal Attyachaar – Rock Version

This is the big A in awesome! And the party has just started says the soundtrack to me. I’ll still say that the brass band version is better any day but this is not bad. Not bad either. Rocking!
Full song lyrics!


Did someone say party? A Punjabi track is a must in Bollywood these days. Hikknaal is a brilliant fun song by our very own Labh Jajua. Balle oye!

Mahi Mennu – Sad Version

Labh Janjua sings this sad song for the soundtrack in Punjabi. Another awesome track with awesome lyrics. Oh gosh! I’m in love with this music!

Mahi Mennu

The lighter version of the song by Labh Janjua. A great song!

Nayan Tarse

This album is just not coming to an end. Amit Trivedi comes back with this track as a singer. A very different song from what I’ve heard till now in this soundtrack. Full marks!


Shruti Pathak sings this song in a very sweet and simple voice. A cool classic track you’ll wanna listen to again and again!


This track has been sung by Toshi. He’s a guy, just to let everyone know. No I’m not making fun of this excellent singer. Pardesi is a cool song. In fact it’s the coolest song of the year!


Talking about songs of the year this soundtrack is the biggest soundtrack of the year. I mean bigger in number of tracks. T-Series must be having a hard time burning high capacity discs for this one! Ranjhana is another slow paced lovable track.

Saali Khushi

Sung by Amit Trivedi, this track is my personal favorite one for the bad times. Kahaan Chali Gai hai Saali Khushi..?!

Yahi Meri Zindagi

Thanks for your patience tells me the soundtrack as it plays out the last tracks. I tell it that I don’t mind if you keep throwing songs at me with that kind of quality. Aditi Singh Sharma sings this track titled Yahi Meri Zindagi with a super fresh feeling. A song for chocolate times!

Overall: Whoa! Huge hell of a ride isn’t it?! A soundtrack well worth the money and your portable music player. All the tracks are unique in their own way and make up for a great listening experience. Amit Trivedi and his band of singers have done an awesome job. This movie might still be a little far away but the soundtrack is here and it’s a rocking piece of music. A must-checkout!

Rating: 4.5/5

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18 Replies to “Exclusive Music Review: Dev D”

  1. I had left a post a few months back when ppl were bashing harry for the Yuvvvvvvvvvraj review ….. Amit Trivedi is the guy to watch out for…. I still feel that d year started with a Brilliant Amit Trivedi OST from AAMIR (An equally brilliant film) and it ends with a mesmerizing Dev D which proves that this guy is a force to reckon with.

  2. well,, yes amit trivedi has prooved himself again,,althoug the album has no such big names of singers invovlved, still hits the bull’s eye..,.,,.

  3. The music is interesting, and some songs are very refreshing, and that to hear this type of music in hindi. Those rock and experimental western style songs – the lyrics are screwed up. The lyrics do not have depth and comes across so hollow and incongrous.

  4. whoaaah! Great music, great picturisation, surely we have reached in a new era of film making.
    Each song in this album is unique, and the music effects you from inside.
    I believe the production team has studied and read the effect of bi-naural brainwaves, it surely is present deep inside the music.
    I think each song is supported with embedded brainwave which takes the person to a similar state of mind.

  5. DevD is a finely carved movie with truth and reality of life.
    Abhay Deol had once again acted well and the role he played demanded maturity which is meted by him

  6. can anybody tell me wht song is played in the bar..its a hip hop number..when dev ask for V with thumps up first time??

    1. I too
      really wanna know the name of that song playing in the background when abhay deol asks vodka with thums up for the first time

  7. Dude, The song “Pardesi” is sung by Tochi Raina. Who is Toshi?
    And the song is sung super awesome.

    I can’t find any other bollywood music album, that comes close to this.

    Even after more that 2 years, Still can’t believe the Kapoor, Yash raj, Karan Johar Bollywood cinema has evolved to this. HATS OFF!

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