Music Review- 13B

Shankar Ehsaan Loy have been spinning some really good tracks lately for Bollywood soundtracks. Luck By Chance was a really good soundtrack they came up with since Dil Chahta Hai. I agree they have been making good music in between too but I could somehow relate the virgin melodies in the two soundtracks. Moving on, 13B is an upcoming Bollywood horror flick starring R.Madhavan and Neetu Chandra in lead roles. I managed to catch the 13B trailer during the screening of a movie and found it quite interesting. The music of 13B is out in the market. It has been composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. Neelesh Misra has worked on the lyrics for the soundtrack. Does it pass the acid test?

Sab Khairiyat Hai

The soundtrack begins on a happy note with this song, sung by Shankar Mahadevan. The lyrics are simple and the music soothing. I wonder why the track is just over a minute in length. Anyways a good start.

Bade Se Shehar Mein

Kartik takes over the microphone in this next track. The melodies remind you of the Luck By Chance soundtrack effect on Shankar Ehsaan Loy. A smooth track to the core. A typical melody you’d love to hum along from the first time you listen to it!

Aasma Odh Kar

Shankar Mahadevan and Chitra sing this next track which is quite decent. Chitra’s voice stands out. But wait! I think this is a soundtrack for a horror flick, right?! You’ve gotta be kidding me dude. The songs have a different tale to tell. Or is it a happy horror flick? Ok you’re scaring me now. A decent song.

Oh Sexy Mama

Baba Sehgal in a Bollywood soundtrack. But then it’s a horror flick guys! Baba teams up with Anushka Manchanda and Loy in this catchy weird-for-a-horror-flick track. Don’t tell me they’re getting King Khan to do the honors of dancing around girls dressed in obscene clothes for the video. A weird unexpected track.

The next four tracks are remixes of the above four tracks. Plain old Bollywood producer’s trick to do something with that extra magnetic tape he can’t see going blank along with the soundtrack. The remixes are worth a one time try.

13B Theme

Now comes some horror music. The 13B theme is quite good. I hope Shankar Ehsaan Loy have done a decent effort on the film’s background score as well.

Overall: A decent Bollywood soundtrack. Nothing special, typical SEL stuff you get all the time. However more track would have certainly helped.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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