Power Up your Broadband connection!

So you have a broadband connection that is turning you down? Here’s a snappy guide to keep your broadband connection on a high all the time!

Increase Stability

Most of the broadband service providers provide either DSL or cable based broadband connection. If you’re using DSL chances are it’s an ADSL connection. ADSL takes advantage of the existing last mile connectivity. ADSL is dependent on the quality of your telephone line. If you hear the next door aunty chit-chatting with her buddies all the time chances are your line isn’t ready for ADSL. Any amount of disturbance in ADSL can ruin your broadband experience. To make sure your broadband connection link remains stable ensure there is zero noise in the telephone signal. Bug the local linemen until you get a clear signal. Also make sure you have one single wire from the local junction box and the wire is a lengthy one to avoid attenuation losses. If you are using a cable based broadband connection then your stability is dependent on the distance from the local hub/switch from your provider. The shorter this distance the better it is.

Boost Speed

There is no such thing as boosting the speed of a broadband connection. No matter how loud you cry you will not get anything more than what you’ve paid for. What I mean here with boosting speed is to optimize the available bandwidth to the maximum potential. So this is like making sure if you’ve signed up for 256kbps, you get nothing less than that! There are several tricks to achieve this. DSL users can attain maximum download speeds using port forwarding for Bit Torrent. There are several registry editing tools available online that promise to boost your DSL speeds but I’ll advice you against using those. Go for regular speed checks online and keep bugging your customer care in case you’re not getting what you’ve signed up for.

Go Wireless

If you are using multiple devices like laptops, WiFi enabled smart phones etc. in your home/office to access a broadband connection then it makes sense to go wireless. Going wireless is fairly easy as you can purchase a brand new wireless access point for less than Rs. 2000 in the market. Or you could go for access point cum modem which costs anything between Rs. 2500-5000. Netgear’s WiFi access points are quite popular in India. These access points are stable and offer a decent range for a price tag of Rs. 1500 at Nehru Place.

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