Apple iPad – Who will buy it?

apple ipad deviceNow that Apple iPad is finally out of the bag and it’s all over, it’s time to count the people who will buy it. Apple iPad captured the imagination of tech pundits and enthusiasts from all across the globe when it had not launched. Everyone was speculating on everything that there was about the Apple tablet. Now we know what Apple iPad is really capable of and why fan boys like me want to buy the Apple iPad right now, it’s interesting to see who all would really buy the new iPad device. Here’s the type of people I think you’re most likely to buy Apple iPad!

Oh and by the way I am buying it as well!

The Apple Fan boys

They buy everything and anything Apple! Of course that’s why they’re called Apple fan boys. These bunch of geeks already have their rooms stocked with all kinds of Apple products. They keep an eye out for anything Apple is coming up with and the moment it’s out they’re right there to get it. See those people waiting outside Apple stores for days before any product comes out? Yes they’re the ones. They’re already checking the cash right now in their wallets to buy the new iPad device. Apple is a religion for them and why not, after all Apple does have a really cool line up!

The almost-bought-a-netbook Geeks

All those people out there who were thinking of buying a netbook soon are in a state of shock. Steve Jobs has presented them with an even better option of buying an iPad device. Much cooler than any conventional netbook (yeah I hear multi-tasking, ports issues) but then if you’re buying a netbook-like device then may be high end computing power isn’t really your requirement. iPad is priced right where it kicks the netbook sector in the bottom. So my prediction is that people interested in a netbook would check out iPad and ultimately they’ll end up buying iPad.

The E-book Reader addicts

Apple iPad has put Amazon’s Kindle in a tight spot. If you loved the concept of Kindle you’ll buy an iPad for sure. If you’re a die hard e-book reader addict then you’ll buy an Apple iPad for sure. Apple’s iPad is bound to give e-book readers a run for their money. Integration with the all new iBooks Store is only going to make things better for iPad owners. iPad’s colored multi-touch screen can give a whole new meaning to interactive e-books and graphic novels. One big reason I’m interested to buy iPad!

The Social Media World

All those out there who access social media content on their smartphones or PC etc. are bound to buy Apple iPad. We all love to tweet from smartphones or iPod touch. How about something sexier, ultra-thin like an Apple iPad? Tweeting, blogging or anything is going to be uber cool on the iPad. Especially the 10 hour long battery life will make social media nerds who attend and report from events buy iPad instantly. No more bulky laptops to carry to tweet from an event.

The Gaming Lovers

I understand the Apple iPod has a heart of a 1GHz Apple A4 processor which is not something to throw at a gaming fan but then we all love tiny games. Especially the games that make use of the accelerometer! The Need for Speed demo on iPad was rocking. Casual gamers can be delighted with what Apple iPad’s gaming apps will provide. iPad’s larger than iPhone screen size will add to it’s value. Let the games begin!

Are you considering buying Apple iPad too or not? Please share your views below.

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