More Than Paranthas

more than paranthas at crown plaza faridabad

It was my first time at More Than Paranthas. A lot of people at college recommended the place. So me and my roomie Ankur decided to check it out. We went for dinner so we missed those great combo meal deals they have for lunch. The place is decent. We ordered Chicken Tikka Paranthas and Murg Methi Malai. The paranthas were totally worth the money. The chicken was too creamy to our expectations. The service is great there. On the whole, a great place if you’re terribly hungry. Don’t miss out their combo meal deals during lunch!

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  1. WhAT ! :O You guys WEnt without me :X ! My curse upon you … may that stomach of yours be oogling shitloads of sh!T all day long ….

    btw, Thats what happens when you go all alone , you end up ordering crap … next time its gonna be mirchi cheese paranthas , dahi kebabs , daL makhmali ….n no chicken , u animal-eating [email protected] :X !

  2. @Pratik: What can I say…it was like a surprise party…! 😛

    @Ekta: I liked the Chicken Tikka Egg Parantha I ordered. I’m craving to try more of their paranthas!

  3. Plus, i think harry would agree with me,… i think they put some amount of alcohol while preparing the food! i mean, we were kinda intoxicated by the food… or maybe coz it was after soooo looonngg that we had a chance to dine in a proper restaurant!!!! (thats one of the cons of staying alone in a room,ur budget goes haywire, and even the local dhaba seems luxurious)

  4. The picture says it all mate! More Than Paranthas….we punjabis get sick of paranthas at home. The moment we step out of Punjab, suddenly it’s all Parantha crazy population everywhere!

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