Independence Day!

blue line bus in delhi

What is the best way to celebrate Independence Day? Get out and taste the real India! In my case it was more of a necessity. The day started with me and Ankur (my roomie) waking up late in the morning. We realized we had slept for 12 hours and that was enough. We left for the Delhi-Faridabad border otherwise better known as the Badarpur border. We took a ride on a thing that resembled a space shuttle and had three tyres. Well it did make a sound like one of those NASA powered useless space shuttles they send on other planets. So we arrive at the Badarpur border. Finding a bus that could take us to the bus station was not another Google search. The correct buses weren’t ready to leave and others were filled with a crap load of people. Finally we found one. Trust me, one ride on one of these blue line buses and you won’t wanna sing Saare Jahaan Se Acha again. On the way we saw the Red Fort, the Indian flag, Delhi Zoo, crowded ITO etc. It took us more than one hour to reach to the Kashmere Gate ISBT. We rushed towards the Mc Donalds outlet there. We both had a nice meal there. We were supposed to catch a Deluxe bus to Chandigarh. Deluxe means it’s a little less dirty than other buses and a little less crappy too. We didn’t know there were others who’d want to get on that bus too and they were there early to buy the tickets. Standing in that queue was out of the way. We took the Punjab Roadways bus which looked like an aircraft all ready to take off. Yes Punjab Roadways buses are very close to being an actual aircraft. The journey wasn’t close to being called smooth but it was fine. After all what we’ve been through the past 24 hours, how bad could it get is what we had in mind.

Back home it feels so good. Especially being back on the Internet. I’m hungry. Hungry for broadband. I’ll be on a feast for the next few days at least!

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  1. hello traveling people if u are not happy while traveling blue line bus than call me because i have enough experience of traveling then i will guide u..its free of cost….and remember one thing jare jahan se acha hindustan hamara…….

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