Airtel Broadband in Faridabad

airtel broadband in faridabad

Airtel Broadband sucks in Faridabad. At least the installation part does. We called up one of their representatives last week and the dude did the registration part quick. He took the initial amount we needed to pay and promised he would get the dsl connection installed in two days.

It has been almost a week and still no connection. Now they plan to apparently dig up the road to provide us with a connection. That’s crap! Aren’t they supposed to do the feasibility part before letting us fill up the forms? It took me hardly 24 hours to get an Airtel Broadband connection installed in New Delhi. In Faridabad even the customer care sucks. They are so damn rude. God! This is hell!

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  1. hello mr harry jerry and sir ankur remmember maine kya khaha tha thrusday ko tumhara net connection nahi laga na…maza aa gaya…..
    kaleze which dandak pai gayi……..jara danda koka kola le aao…
    aaj hum jasan manaye gay…….

  2. Now that I finally have broadband connectivity from Airtel, it isn’t as bad as I thought. The installation was a rough experience. The broadband service is excellent. Great connectivity, top notch speeds and obviously great customer care.

  3. Ya even we have faced same problem. Dont know what to do wid this airtel people. For us it has been 1 and a half week, till now no response. The agents pn is switched  off.  Does someone have answer what shall we do now.

  4. Our connection is pending from 1.5 months. Imagine that.  All the agents are avoiding our calls like anything. Not just the agents, even the bosses are avoiding the calls. Might have given them 1000 calls which is more expensive than the broadband tariff itself. Seriously fed up. Is there any better broadband service out here in Faridabad which can cater sector 16A?

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