New Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi Express

The very first time I boarded a train, it was the Chandigarh-Kalka Shatabdi Express to New Delhi, I thought Indian Railways is so awesome. Of course it gave me the wrong impression. I loved the three hour ride to the capital city filled with the munchies that were served on the journey. Even the passengers back then were quite polite and kept silent most of the times. The food that they used to serve was of excellent quality, the coaches the very clean, the seats were comfortable.

new delhi kalka shatabdi express train photo

If you ask me the about current situation, I’ll say the only good part left with the Shatabdi Express is the snappy three hour journey. The food stinks now, rats have been spotted inside the coaches on several occasions, the seats are no longer comfortable, the passengers are so loud and annoying. The only way to survive the journey is sleep for three hours with your headphones plugged into your ears.

Food quality has been gradually degrading over the past couple of years. It’s at it’s worst right now. Juice has been eliminated from the breakfast menu. It was such a shock. So Mr. Laloo thinks that juices are good for health or what? I am not paying such a premium for that ordinary-train feeling. I hate you Mr. Laloo!

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