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review republic of chicken delhi

Being a true Punjabi and a true chicken lover (these two things always go together) I’ve had a tough time finding good quality chicken in and around Delhi ever since I moved here. Both cooked and raw chicken and it’s products aren’t just worth it unless you’re eating from a well known place. You can’t always find a perfect partner to go to that popular place for chicken around Delhi so what do you do when you’re stuck alone and crave for a good Chicken?

Earlier I had been relying on the local butcher shop for raw chicken. The chicken he sends out is all fake. It tastes like rubber. Chicken must be juicy and tender for that delicious experience. Recently I checked out the newly opened Republic of Chicken outlet at Alaknanda. The best part is that it’s not too far away from the place where I live and they offer home delivery too which is fantastic.

Coming back to the big issue, chicken, they are a Chandigarh based company. They process all their products at their Ropar plant in Punjab and ship it to their stores here. The first impression I had in my mind once I came to know about this was that their chicken is going to be stale. I was happy that I was wrong. I bought their chicken seekh kebabs twice and oriental chicken sticks once. The chicken or I must say the Punjabi chicken tasted great. After all it was Punjab da kukkad! The seekh kebabs were excellent, juicy, tender and fresh. Republic of Chicken also has a restaurant up at South Extension. I’ll surely try that out too sometime later.

For now I’m a proud citizen of the Republic of Chicken!

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