PVR at Centra Mall Chandigarh

PVR at centra mall in Chandigarh PVR Cinemas has finally landed in Chandigarh! PVR is located at Uppal’s Centra Mall in Industrial Area, Chandigarh. They have started started operations from today. They have four auditoriums. Currently they are showing three movies to begin with. The last time I checked out the Centra Mall it looked like it was just about ready. So I guess they’ll have the rest of the mall open to public quite soon. Centra Mall is the third mall in Chandigarh. There are two more malls which are expected to open up in the next 2-3 weeks. PVR promises a great movie experience. I’ll be the judge of that!

Update: Here is the full review of the PVR Cinemas Chandigarh. Please click here to read it.

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DT Cinemas at Chandigarh

DT Cinemas Chandigarh review photos book tickets multiplexIt feels go good to be back in Chandigarh! Especially after such a long torturous examination period. So we decided to get started with the much awaited and much delayed vacations with trying out a new multiplex in town. DT Cinemas is located at the newly opened DLF City Center Mall right next to the Infosys building at the Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park at Chandigarh. I booked the tickets online at BookmyShow. The online movie ticket booking was really smooth. I’d highly recommend BookmyShow!

DLF City Center mall and dt cinemas chandigarh review The mall is pretty good itself. It’s the second mall here in Chandigarh. Although it’s not completely finished as yet you can still spot some major brands there. Coming back to DT Cinemas, they have a box office right inside the mall on the ground floor itself. If you’ve booked your tickets online then you won’t need to wait for long. The audis are located on the third floor. The seats are pretty comfortable. Good leg space. This is something missing at Fun Cinemas at Chandigarh. The only thing lacking here at DT Cinemas was good food. Quality isn’t anywhere on the menu. The prices are explosive as expected from a multiplex. The staff is pretty lazy. Expect them to miss sugar with your coffee. On the whole they have a lot of growing up to do until they’re able to provide a fine movie experience for the movie-goers. I’m still wondering how PVR will open up to the audiences here in Chandigarh. A couple of more new malls are expected to open up in the coming 2-3 months!

Review: Pind Balluchi at Metro Walk Mall Rohini

Restaurant Pind Balluchi review at metro walk mall

This was my first time at Pind Balluchi. The ambience was great. I really wanted to try their butter chicken. I haven’t really found good enough places that serve good butter chicken here in Delhi. I was really hoping these guys would please me with something authentic. Their version of the butter chicken was not really that great but better than what I have had so far in Delhi. The service was quick enough although the staff seemed a bit lazy while taking orders. On the whole, I would rate it 6/10. Try this out if you’re craving for something close to a real butter chicken.

PS: Do suggest me some nice places around South Delhi where I can find some good butter chicken!