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Here, the students are denied everyday teenage items in South Korea. No cellphones, no fashion magazines, no TV, no Internet, no game machines.Dating, going to concerts, wearing earrings, getting manicures, or simply acting their age – all these are suspended because they are deemed distracting for an overriding goal. Instead, the students cram from 6:30 a.m. to past midnight, seven days a week, in a campus kilometers away from the nearest public transportation, to clear one hurdle that can determine their future – the national college entrance exam.

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Book Review: L.K Advani’s My Country, My Life

L.K Advani book my country my life review

This is one amazing book. I’ve been lucky enough to read the real edition. I must say L.K Advani is one cool dude. ‘My Country, My Life’ is an autobiography from the popular BJP leader. Here is some of the text from the book.

Sometime ago: Atalji sat besides me. He was looking so serious that day. He was so shocked we tested a nuclear bomb today. He asked me if this was for real. I told him that our intelligence reported that the Pakistanis are testing a lot of these nukes soon. So we must stay ahead of them. Atalji wanted a chilled Coke that day. It was just too hot. I guess some Congress supporters looted our Coke supplies on the way. Damn!

Sometime later
: Why the bloody hell is America so mad at us? I think they’re just too egoistic about their dollar. One should slap these stupid white people and tell them that it’s not going to last long. Eventually our economy will grow. Of course not during our control at the center. Clinton ji was super. I seriously doubt his affair with Monica.

Sometime now: Yeah yeah the Congress rules. I am not even allowed at any film awards here. Wait till I get my hands on the PM’s chair one day. I will kick everyone’s butt. Sonia thinks she’s super cool, wait till my rule. Wow! That did rhyme!

IPL Karmayudh: Why Bhajji slapped Sreesanth?

[Just after the game got over. The players are still on the field.]

Bhajji : Damn! Yarr Sree, we lost again!
Sreesanth : You know one of those sexy cheerleaders was shouting my name!
Bhajji: I tell you we need Sachin bhai to do something for us.
Sreesanth : I think I should go ask her out. What say?!
Bhajji: We haven’t won a single match yarr!
Sreesanth : Oh man…just look at her! She’s so damn sexy!
Bhajji: What? Who?
Sreesanth : Oh no that’s Gauri, Shah Rukh’s wife.
Bhajji: What the hell Sreesanth?! Concentrate on the game dude.
Sreesanth : F%$# the game man! Just look at those chicks, before the Government bans them.
Bhajji: You moron!

[One tight slap]