George Bush Calls Up Barack Obama

Bush: Hey mate! How’re ya doin?
Obama: Oh very well sir. How are you?
Bush: Oh I’m just hows life Mr. President? *laughs*
Obama: Oh very well sir, I’m on the path of change.
Bush: Yeah whatever. So you saw that Khan flick?
Obama: Oh yes sir. This new Osama tape is a classic!
Bush: No no I’m talking about this movie, what is it called Khan my name or something?
Obama: Is it a film on Islam?
Bush: No not really. It’s about..well an awful lot of things.
Obama: I’m gonna have to see it. Sick of these Osama videos I have to watch.
Bush: Yeah! I heard they blocked YouTube on your network.
Obama: It’s killing me sir. So what’s with this movie?
Bush: Well it’s pretty nice. This guy wants to meet the US prez and shit.
Obama: I heard Bollywood is all about hanky panky stuff.
Bush: They have some nice looking women there.
Obama: Oh no sir I’ve stopped looking at women after the you-know-what incident.
Bush: Yeah watch out! You don’t wanna do a Clinton here.
Obama: *laughs*
Bush: You know they really messed up my duplicate in this Khan flick.
Obama: Sir you want me to ban it?
Bush: No no it’s fine. In fact your duplicate is more awful than mine.
Obama: Oh well I don’t mind sir. Who watches these flicks anyway?
Bush: Yeah I heard they got good publicity back in India.
Obama: May be. Sir I gotta get back to memorizing my speeches.
Bush: Cool. I gotta get back to…well who should I call now?
Obama: *hangs up*

Confessions of a Dyslexic Lover

true love story

People who are a 360 degrees part of me, my friends, relatives and my colleagues at the campus – they all believe that I am the last person they would expect to fall in love. Why? Every one is of the opinion that I am not too serious about being in a relationship. How? They have formed this opinion over the years that they’ve known me. They find me too jolly to be a part of someone’s life for a long time. Doesn’t make sense? If you’ve been a regular on this blog then you might have a similar opinion about me as well.

This Valentine’s Day I regret to inform you that your opinions and calculations about what goes on in the love section of my brain are completely false. Baseless to the core.

I have silently been in love over the past five years. And this is my love story, so far of course.

Confessions of a Dyslexic Lover
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A.R Rahman is Indian of the Year

ar rahman indian of the year award

It’s 04:32 AM in the morning, my eyes are bugging me to get some sleep but just as I was taking a look at this mornings e-papers (yes e-papers come out around this time), I was reminded of one of the day’s highlights. Oscar winner Mr. A.R Rahman has been awarded the Indian of The Year award by CNN IBN news channel in partnership with Hindustan Times. Whoa! So an Oscar winning music composer is the Indian of the Year? Really? I’ve got two words for ya, Jai Ho!
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Chetan Bhagat’s 5th Mistake

chetan bhagat blocks

It was this above tweet from Chetan Bhagat that became one of the reasons for his own followers and fans to come down on him. Chetan Bhagat did not even imagine how things would backfire when he decided to thrash somebody’s opinion and someone’s positive criticism and decided to start blocking profiles. What followed was truly epic. Chetan was trending on Twitter with thousands, if not millions, throwing jokes at the best selling author. The hash tag(#chetanblocks) became a hot topic on Twitter in no time. I was right there on Twitter when it started and I was there until it became a trend. People have shown yet again that they won’t be taken for granted. So it turns out this might be Chetan Bhagat’s 5th mistake (4th being his recent book).
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Superheros 2009 – Vote for your favorites!

We at HarryJerry are coming up with a special set of awards for the very best and worst of 2009, Superheros 2009. The categories include movies, actors, actresses, soundtracks, technology, Facebook applications, innovations, music, most hated personalities and person of the year. You can send in your entries using the form below. We’ll publish the result in the last week of December.
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