Who the %^&$ is Govind Tiwari?

govind tiwari

This morning a link to someone’s blog was doing the rounds at Twitter and I don’t know how but it spread like fire. Govind Tiwari might still be unaware of the fact that he’s currently a trending topic Twitter. Yes, worldwide!

So who is this funny looking guy and why is he so awesome that everyone is talking about him? First, take a look at his blog here. Now laugh. Drink some water and walk around. Now take another look at those beautiful photos, read the little text and admire those blinking eyes. He’s a boy genius isn’t it?!

Someone with a flashy web page like that is bound to either get too much attention or get buried deep down into lowest levels of the ‘ignore’ list on the web. Govind Tiwari worked really hard on the website and now he’s a famous guy. At least for now.

On a serious note, Govind Tiwari is just another guy. A guy with a rather monstrous imagination. It is people like these that need rehabilitation centers otherwise they end up designing websites for Indian government. And Govind, if you’re reading this, I admire your work dude. Do tell me how you managed to add those blinking eyes effect.

Short Story: The Killer Smartphone

killer smartphone

You’re at a cool pub and you make eye contact with a great looking guy, you scan him from top to bottom from whatever is visible at the distance, he reaches out to his pocket and takes out a shiny black device. Your eyes almost pop out in amazement, it’s huge. The guy has a phone with a large touchscreen, it could either be an iPhone or an Android. You just wish you could spare an eyeball on his sexy hair style when all you can do is stare endlessly at his phone.
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6 Things To Expect at Commonwealth Games’ Opening Ceremony

cwg 2010

Kalmadi’s pants may come off

Everything has been going down in the recent past when it came to Commonwealth Games. Be it anything – roads, bridges, blood pressure etc. Kalmadi must keep his pants up, I’d suggest a tighter belt or a wardrobe that doesn’t malfunction that day. With the way the noise is going to build up that day and in case a single thing goes fail, Kalmadi’s pants are off.

Delhi goes through a major power failure

While this may not really be much of a possibility but you still can’t take it off the list. We’ve all seen on the national grid goes down. There’s a possibility that those shiny laser and lights shows may not see the light of the day. However Delhi could beg for some extra power that day just to make sure it’s safe or else we can always saw we opened with a noble cause like Earth Hour!

Aliens land right inside the stadium

No I’m not a jerk. Stephen Hawking would agree with me here that Aliens might just land right inside the stadium and go unnoticed. After all, the world may think they’re just a part of the show. The sad part – they might fight to make a temple or mosque on the place once alien’s land or end up giving birth to something right there.
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Getting Back to Blogging

I feel I owe an explanation to all my readers (all – being optimistic) about me and my team’s recent absence from the blogging scene. No we didn’t quit blogging at all, we love it and we’ll continue to give it our best. For most of us here at HJ, the transition called life has just started to happen. We’re finally getting to see life outside the bubble we’ve been living inside for ages now.

About the life outside this bubble, there’s a lot to be shared and there’s a lot of opinions brewing in each of our brains. So expect some really in depth stuff in the coming few days (no, nothing boring I promise). We’ll keep it short and sweet, as we always do (or at least try to).
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Harry’s Theory of Uncertainty


The amount of uncertainty that exists in the real world is so huge that it can turn our little lives upside down in a matter of seconds. Confused? Astonished? Well don’t be. Look around and uncertainty rules our world. I have this mini theory on uncertainty and how it affects us in the long run. I’ve decided to share it with everyone. It’s a bold move considering the amount of negative feedback I receive generally but what the heck, I’m gonna do it anyway.

We’re uncertain about most things we do in our lives. Will I get a job? Will I marry the person I love the most? Will I be rich?? Will Apple reduce it’s iPhone prices? Of course you can count the last question out, going by statistics. Our lives are surrounded by this halo of uncertainty. We have to deal with it no matter what. At times we simply choose to ignore it since thinking too much about it will throw you on the bed of depression.
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DLF IPL 3 – It’s the finale!

After thousands of words being written about the misery IPL and it’s head honcho Mr. Lalit Modi are going to face in their near future, I thought I’d write something about the other side of the IPL, the situation on ground zero, the game of cricket.

I may be the biggest hypocrite of all times but as much as I hate cricket and cricket lovers I just can’t stay away from games like semi-finals and the big final. As of IPL 3 it’s down to the mighty Mumbai Indians against the cherished Chennai Super Kings this Sunday.

I’m not a supporter of either of the teams. A majority of you might already be supporting the Mumbai Indians due to their obvious strength, somehow I felt the Royal Challengers are the Proteas of IPL. They’re a strong team yet they get behind just before the big game.

So who is it going to be? The nerves are already ticking. The blood pressure is all set to rise. This Sunday, it’s a big one!

An Open Letter To Mr. Lalit Modi

Dear Mr. Modi,

I hope you’re doing fine. You probably are just fine counting the cash IPL’s money machine is making for you and your alliances. This season of IPL has been even bigger and you have left no stone unturned to make sure about that. All good. Clap. Clap. Clap. One tight slap.

I am sorry if I appear rude to you Mr. Modi. It’s not my intent to make you sound like a money hungry Godzilla. To millions of cricket fans across the globe you’re probably a good lord. To millions of innocent ladies in India and across the globe you’re just another sport-loving-money-making-celeb-licking jerk. Cricket and especially T20 owes you big time. Ladies have a special title for you and that’s called Mr. Modi-behen-#$%^@.
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Mallika Sherawat’s First American On-Screen Kiss

mallika sherawat on-screen kiss

Mallika Sherwat has done it again! The bold Bollywood actress has apparantly tweeted her first ever American on-screen kiss. Mallika seems to be having fun at Hollywood. Her energy-filled Twitter timeline reflects that. The actress is currently in the United States shooting for her new movie Hisss (I don’t know how many S’s are involved) which stars Irfan Khan too.

Don’t ask me who the guy Mallika is kissing in the still above. It’s definitely not Irfan Khan. Just another random guy? Well it’s Mallika Sherawat you see not Rakhi Sawant. After going through the official promo for Mallika’s Hiss I have no interest in watching the movie myself. I won’t even recommend you the promo. Of course you can Youtube the video once the movie is out.
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