George Bush Calls Up Barack Obama

Bush: Hey mate! How’re ya doin?
Obama: Oh very well sir. How are you?
Bush: Oh I’m just hows life Mr. President? *laughs*
Obama: Oh very well sir, I’m on the path of change.
Bush: Yeah whatever. So you saw that Khan flick?
Obama: Oh yes sir. This new Osama tape is a classic!
Bush: No no I’m talking about this movie, what is it called Khan my name or something?
Obama: Is it a film on Islam?
Bush: No not really. It’s about..well an awful lot of things.
Obama: I’m gonna have to see it. Sick of these Osama videos I have to watch.
Bush: Yeah! I heard they blocked YouTube on your network.
Obama: It’s killing me sir. So what’s with this movie?
Bush: Well it’s pretty nice. This guy wants to meet the US prez and shit.
Obama: I heard Bollywood is all about hanky panky stuff.
Bush: They have some nice looking women there.
Obama: Oh no sir I’ve stopped looking at women after the you-know-what incident.
Bush: Yeah watch out! You don’t wanna do a Clinton here.
Obama: *laughs*
Bush: You know they really messed up my duplicate in this Khan flick.
Obama: Sir you want me to ban it?
Bush: No no it’s fine. In fact your duplicate is more awful than mine.
Obama: Oh well I don’t mind sir. Who watches these flicks anyway?
Bush: Yeah I heard they got good publicity back in India.
Obama: May be. Sir I gotta get back to memorizing my speeches.
Bush: Cool. I gotta get back to…well who should I call now?
Obama: *hangs up*

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