DLF IPL 3 – It’s the finale!

After thousands of words being written about the misery IPL and it’s head honcho Mr. Lalit Modi are going to face in their near future, I thought I’d write something about the other side of the IPL, the situation on ground zero, the game of cricket.

I may be the biggest hypocrite of all times but as much as I hate cricket and cricket lovers I just can’t stay away from games like semi-finals and the big final. As of IPL 3 it’s down to the mighty Mumbai Indians against the cherished Chennai Super Kings this Sunday.

I’m not a supporter of either of the teams. A majority of you might already be supporting the Mumbai Indians due to their obvious strength, somehow I felt the Royal Challengers are the Proteas of IPL. They’re a strong team yet they get behind just before the big game.

So who is it going to be? The nerves are already ticking. The blood pressure is all set to rise. This Sunday, it’s a big one!

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