Harry’s Guide to Admissions in Engineering Colleges!

guide to getting admissions to colleges in india engineering, medial, artsSo you’ve survived those tortuous twelve years at school and you think you’re done with the hardest part of your life? Welcome to the journey they call ‘college’! College itself isn’t that bad a monster, getting into one is. In correct terms getting into the right one is the hardest part. The entrance tests are tough to crack in to and to top it all you find a zillion other kids sitting for the same darn exam. It starts getting on your nerves when the parents are constantly over-expecting from you. In India it’s a kid’s misfortune that the parents take it for granted that their chunnu-munnus are born IITians . Some of them are I agree but not everyone. Not everyone. Coming back to the point here’s a quick guide for admissions to colleges. I understand I may not be the best person to give you guidance but I speak for my personal experiences as well as the people I know.

++ Set your priorities right : You’ve surfed the internet for the best colleges. You’ve left your parents surprised over the excess bandwidth charges from your Internet Service Provider. But it is important that you do your homework well. Surfing the internet will only help you know what all colleges exist and what they can offer. Every college is bound to show-off as far as their infrastructure is concerned. So don’t trust them on that. Make a list of all the colleges that you plan to apply for. Sort these in priority and mark important dates for applying properly.

++ The IIT-JEE is not for everyone : Unless you’re that nerd in the class who always stood first and has a closet full of medals, certificates, trophies and all that crap, read on. You must have been preparing for almost all crappy entrance tests throughout your final years at high school but by now you understand your potential and how you can utilize it to the maximum. Of course the IITs are the best places as far as engineering is concerned but admission is highly competitive. If you make it, the world is yours. If not don’t be disappointed!

++ India or abroad? If your dad has a lot of moolah then you might consider an engineering degree from a foreign university. This is also a good option considering you are not interested in the next level of engineering colleges in India. You could opt for the best engineering colleges across the globe. You’ll need to sit for an English language exam as well as the SAT for applying for an undergraduate course in a foreign university. Even if you make it to the top colleges like Stanford, MIT etc. and think you can’t afford it, you could apply for an education loan.

++ Engineering in India: If you fear you might not be able to make it to any engineering college, don’t worry! There is no shortage of engineering colleges in India. In fact you might find an engineering college nearby easily. But keep it as a last resort. Make sure you take admission into these kind of colleges only if you’ve been rejected by all NITs, deemed universities and other level b colleges. There is no shortage of engineering colleges in Haryana, NCR, Punjab etc. You can get an admission easily. Both paid and free seats are available uptil September-November period. But trust me, these engineering colleges would make you curse them every day you set foot on the campus. At that point you might want to re-consider dropping one year and trying for the IITs again.

Harry’s Guide to Surviving an Exam!

examination guide stress buster Exam time is hard time. It’s not easy. Not easy at all! I mean surviving until it’s half time is like really a pain in the ass. You look down. You don’t know a thing. You look around and everyone is busy scribbling something alien to you. Something they promised they didn’t prepare, just before the exam. Anyways I really understand how hard it is to survive during an exam so I’m just going to pass on some nice tips to you. Follow these at your own risk, I’m not responsible if you put as ass into trouble.

++ Arrive 15 minutes late for the exam. Since you are not going to write much in the exam you might as well kill 10-15 minutes by arriving late for the exam. Make sure you don’t arrive very late! Arriving late will need excuses so just be ready. Your car tyre could have got punctured, you missed the morning bus/train/cab etc., the aliens kidnapped you last night and did some really disgusting experiments with your pancreas.

++ Look out of the window if you’re been lucky enough to be awarded with a window seat. Wait for a pin drop silence in the class room. Start shouting ‘UFO UFO’! Tell everyone you saw a UFO outside. Hand over the paper to the invigilator and leave saying, ‘They are here finally. You’re all gonna be French fries now suckers!!!’. Continue reading “Harry’s Guide to Surviving an Exam!”