A New Semester, Same Old Story

Today was officially the beginning of a whole new semester at college. I would have used this line if I had written this post about a week ago. It still doesn’t make too much of a difference. One week into the new semester, college has just begun. The first few days of a new semester are simply to re-adjust your body clock, get used to the way college smells and of course get back to your college buddies.

The best part of the semester system is new subjects, new lecturers (well most of them) every six months. It’s like taking birth again. You don’t remember anything from the past and you come across a whole new world of knowledge (or something like that). So we’ve got some pretty interesting subjects this semester and some pretty darn boring too. We’re being made to sign some crazy affidavits that lets the college screw us in case we’re found ragging the new kids.

Somehow God wanted to make this semester ‘colorful’ (as Pratik puts it) so he blessed us with an insane daily schedule and some brand new love birds to enjoy with. The icing on the cake is the big project thing we’ll find ourselves indulging in during this year. As per some sources it’s something that’ll shape our career. Yeah! Like the International University thing hasn’t done enough ‘shaping’.

Well let’s be positive about the new semester. All the best to everyone. Let the party begin!

Stuff they mostly lie about at Engineering Colleges

We have a great infrastructure

Apart from the IITs and a few good colleges here and there, there is no such thing as an engineering college in India with an infrastructure. What they really mean by that word is that they have an a decent looking structure built that looks so amazing when you look at it that it makes you wanna get an admission here. Once you cross the Lakshman rekha or whatever, that’s when you realize the dingy inner structure of the college. For the first whole month you’re keen on searching out the entire campus area for that great infrastructure and those things they showed you on the glossy college prospectus during admissions. Expect engineering colleges in India to have computer labs without computers, workshops without electricity and classes without teachers, desks. The tall claims of ISO certifications and approvals by AICTE are clearly bought using large sums of money.

Admissions are only on merit basis

This is one line they don’t mind printing in bold letters. However it’s the biggest lie engineering colleges tell to the world. Getting an admission in such engineering colleges in India is as easy as getting popcorn during the movies. In fact easier than that. A huge number of engineering colleges have cropped up across the country so there’s no shortage of seats in such colleges. If your parents have enough money to spend on you then you might just buy your own ticket to an engineering college of your choice near your home. Management quotas in private self financed engineering colleges are all about making money and giving out admissions to the least deserving.
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The Complete Guide to Campus Placements 2009

2009 campus placementsAre you a final year engineering or management student? Have you already been placed in a company or are you looking to get placed in the last semester this year? Or are you a pre-final year student looking to get placed in a company this year in 2009? If the answer to any of these preceding questions is a ‘yes’, chances are you’re already shitting in your pants.

The great American recession bought a slowdown to the Indian economy and then Satyam happened. Everyone around you is talking about how people are losing jobs everyday and you feel the pain when you read the newspapers. So what should you do now? I say you’ve got two options. One, the easy one, find yourself a filthy rich girl and get married to her. Two, the get-real one, embrace yourself, be prepared and hope for the best. There are still jobs out there, companies are still hiring and you still don’t need to get out and ring those bells at temples like they do in Bollywood flicks.

Here’s a snappy little guide to help you survive and prepare yourself for the campus placements scenario in 2009.
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8 Reasons Why Indians Like To Study Abroad

– Getting an admission back home is a nightmare for all Indian students. At first there are only a few good colleges and universities. Secondly, the admission criteria along with the number of applicants turns a lot of kids off. On the other hand getting an admission abroad is always possible.

– One gets to brag about studying abroad. Nothing beats telling your friends, family and relatives (in accent) that you’ve studies in a foreign country. The accent adds oil to the fire.

– Quality education after all. Studying in India for like 12 years or so in schools or 3-4 years in a graduate course is enough to test anyone’s patience. In a country like ours where standards of education are so poor, there is this inner urge to get onto some quality education.

– Leaving on a jet plane! Indians especially the middle class society loves to board airplanes. It’s a feeling out of this world. And when you’re going abroad on a 12 hour flight, heaven!

– Education or a holiday? Or both! It’s great to combine education with a holiday especially when you’re in a foreign country. Indians like to indulge in clubbing, trips etc. a lot.

– Making money by working part-time is one of the most obvious reasons most of Indians apply for education abroad. You take up any little course you’d like to pursue and bang! You get a Visa for going abroad which wouldn’t be possible in case you apply otherwise.

– The opposite sex looks better on the other side. You’ve probably stared at every possible guy/girl here in India. So it’s time to start looking further. Plus you get a clean slate abroad, if you know what I mean! 😉

– The prospects for settling abroad increase. At least that’s what a majority of students think as they aim for settling abroad. Not to forget the one/two year work permit that you obtain after completing your education abroad.

The Best of Engineering Vivas

Examiner: So you don’t know the answer. Is it?
Student: Ah…just let me think sir.
Examiner: You’ve been thinking for the past 10 minutes. Isn’t it?
Student: Sir I forgot the answer.
Examiner: Great! Do you remember the question I asked you 10 minutes ago?
Student: Ah…sir please give me one more chance.


Examiner: So why does it rotate from left to right? Why not the other way around?
Student: [Almost amazed] But were were told it rotates left to right only.
Examiner: I know. I’m asking you why doesn’t it go the other way?
Student: Because that will cause an error!
Examiner: So you mean it can go the other way but it’ll cause an error. Right?
Student: No No! It won’t go that way.
Examiner: Which way?
Student: The other way.
Examiner: What is the other way?
Student: The incorrect way.
Examiner: What direction?
Student: The opposite of what you said was the right direction in the beginning.

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Campus Rock Idols 5 is here!

campus rock idol 5 schedule event review detailsIndia’s biggest inter-college competetion for rock bands is back on the billboards. Currently in the 5th season, Campus Rock Idols is one huge platform for various college rock bands mushrooming across the country to showcase their skills on the national channel. The contest begins at the city level and grows into regional channels and then eventually on the huge national platter. The winners attain the title of ‘Campus Rock Idols’ along with a cool cash prize of Rs. 75,000. The winning rock band also gets an opportunity to open for an International rock act as and when it happens in India. Now that’s something worth getting yourself killed for!

I follow this event like a religion every year. I’ll be covering the event at Delhi and Chandigarh. So keep your eye balls glued for updates, reviews of performances and photos right from the scene of action. For those of you interested in teaming up with me for the event please get in touch with me at [email protected]
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Quality Higher Education in India?

higher education in indiaThe HRD Ministry has once again touched the sensitive issue of quality in the higher education sector in the country. The ministry claims that in the next three years all the higher education institutions in the country will have to get accreditation and grading done. This shall be carried out by Government agencies agencies to enable people to decide an institution based on the quality parameters.

Presently accreditation is optional and only 20% of the colleges in India go for it. UGC will issue a notification in the next three months making grading compulsory for all colleges. The commission may also stop funding colleges that don’t follow these guidelines. What about the private colleges which don’t give a damn about UGC?

For statistics: Currently only 24% of 18,000 colleges and 30% of 417 universities in the country are accredited. Out of these only 9% of colleges and 30% of universities have received A grade.

I have a strong feeling that once accreditation becomes necessary it will be difficult to disable the so called government agencies from the sugar coated devil corruption.

The Great Indian Infosys Interview!

People could kill to get into Infosys. I am not talking about IITians here. Engineering students like you and me who belong to the second grade of engineering colleges eye Infosys as a Goddess! People prepare for their rounds of interview, tests etc. for months, spend thousands at coaching classes.

This interview dates back to January 2008, during the Infosys HR interview rounds on your campus. The legendary person Mr. Amit Khullar from apna Punjab made a point. Although he has passed out he still remains an icon to his juniors like me. Amit is currently pursuing his dream, inside his father’s old workshop, somewhere in Punjab itself. He aims to topple Microsoft and Google from the IT mainstream.
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5 Reasons Why Kissing in Classroom is a Bad Idea!

kissing in classroom

++ Kissing in a classroom is highly dangerous to you and your partner’s reputation. Don’t think no one cares or no one is watching. When you’re in a classroom someone is always watching. Even when you think you’re alone. Basic laws of college.

++ It will always go wrong no matter what. You might be Mr. Hot Shot or a Paris Hilton of your college but you just won’t get things right. You might end up biting each other’s nose.

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