Finally connected!

airtel wifi in faridabad After a really hectic trip back to Faridabad nothing could be more relaxing than finally getting an Airtel broadband connection installed. It took us 15 days to get the ADSL connection. Airtel Broadband in Faridabad isn’t anywhere near the standards they set up in the Delhi region. Anyways I don’t give a damn now. All I need is the connection to work smoothly. So far everything is going well. We’ve been given a cheap Beetel 450 BX1 WiFi router. I have heard about the overheating issues with this router. Let’s see how far it goes before we manage to blow it up with the unlimited tariff plan. The speeds are just perfect. No complaints about that. Installation was quick. Although the technician seemed dumb to me. Lets see how it works out. For now we’re really happy to have a working WiFi connection in our room!

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  1. Hey – do you know of any website where I can download the manual for this wireless modem Beetel 450. This is what Airtel has offered me in Bangalore as well, and I’m unable to find any details on this modem online. I’m essentially looking to confirm that this modem has WPA wireless security, and not only WEP.

    Thanks in advance/Nimish

  2. The manuals for these stupid Bharti Beetel Modems are not available online, ask the local engineer who installed your modem for you. He’ll have a spare copy of the manual!

  3. hey.. the thing didnt blow up.. two years on n am still using the very same one that hung on our room's window 😛

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