Tata Indicom Broadband – Customer Care

Tata Indicom’s broadband connection falls ill and this is how a call to their customer care department goes like. I’m indeed going to heaven for this!

Me: Hello! I’m having issues with opening websites on my laptop.
He: Could you confirm me your account details first?
[Details confirmed]

He: Thanks for confirming your details. As per my system your account is deactivated.
Me: But why? All my bills have been paid on time.
He: Let me check again madam.
Me: Please do.
He: Yes it’s fine…uh..it’s okay your connection has been activated.
Me: So can we proceed to solving my problem now?
He: Madam you’ll have to call our technical support.
Me: But I called the customer care number. Could you connect me to technical support?
He: Madam your account has been deactivated. My system just reflected the same.
Me: Your bloody system said it’s active a minute ago. WTH is going on?
He: Sorry madam. I can’t help you.
Me: Connect me to your technical support whatever.
He: I’m not allowed to do that madam.
Me: Then what are you allowed to do? Can you just post my query to some supervisor?
He: He can’t do it madam. He’s not technical.
Me: Then why the heck are you sitting at the customer care desk of a broadband service company that doesn’t know shit?
He: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: Yes…do me a favor..get fired.
He: Thank you for calling Tata Indicom. Good evening!

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