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raavan music review

AR Rahman is back again! With that I really mean it. I guess you get the idea how I’ve felt about Raavan’s music so far. Impressed will be an understatement. Especially for someone like me who’s been constantly asking for the best from AR Rahman all the time. Raavan has cleared the rough path Rahman has been going through for quite some time now.

The first time I caught Raavan’s promo on national television I was taken aback. Only someone like Mani Ratnam could title a movie Raavan and go ahead to cast Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in it. The plot still remains a mystery to me and I hope I can keep it that way. Raavan’s teaser makes it a must-see this summer.

Before I jump to the Raavan soundtrack here’s something I’d like to share, I found this on Raavan’s official website. It’s from the director’s note;

Are ten heads better than one? Is there a Ram inside Raavan? And a Raavan inside each of us?

These are the ending lines to the note by Mani Ratnam. It doesn’t give you the plot of the movie but a thought to think upon. I suggest you go through the entire note here.

Coming back to Raavan’s music. AR Rahman, as I earlier said, has composed the soundtrack and Gulzar has penned down the lyrics for all the songs. Prior to getting my hands on the soundtrack I had no idea whatsoever this was a Rahman soundtrack.

Raavan Track Listing

Beera Beera
Behene De
Thok De Killi
Ranjha Ranjha
Khili Re
Kata Kata

Beera Beera

Raavan’s soundtrack opens with Beera Beera. It’s the Rahman-song your ears have been craving for years now. Rahman has done it again. The first thing that struck me with Beera Beera was it’s simplicity, reminding me of the Roja soundtrack. The lyrics from Gulzar further add fuel to the fire. Beera Beera goes with the theme Mani Ratnam’s Raavan carries all over the teaser, the CD covers and the entire soundtrack.

Beera ke dus maathe,
Beera ke sau naam,
Chede jo beera bol…
dhama dham dham dham….

The music has a fresh feel to it. AR Rahman is back baby and with a bang! Somehow I just cannot wait to see how Mani Ratnam has this song on video. Can’t wait!

Behene De

Have you missed the genius? AR Rahman has tried his best to make it up to you all. Behene De is a classic example of that. It’s a trademark Rahman track with a very soothing appeal to it. The first time you hear it you like it, the second time you start humming it and the third time you’re in love with this song. It’s one track with deep music and deeper lyrics. A ten on ten!

Thok De Killi

Now time for some bass. Thok De Killi by Sukhwinder Singh packs a punch. As I quoted Mani Ratnam’s director’s note in the beginning, the lyrics and the movie’s plot have a deeper meaning. Gulzar has done full justice to the soundtrack’s lyrics. You cannot get this one by listening to it just once, I suggest you put this one on repeat mode for at least 3-4 times. It’ll be worth it!

Ranjha Ranjha

Ranjha Ranjha has been picked up straight from the textbook. But then Rahman and Gulzar have made this so special. Rekha Bhardwaj and Javed Ali add icing to the cake. I’m assuming this will be one track featured on Aish-Abhi in the movie. But then they say Abhishek is playing Raavan in the movie. Can’t Raavan fall in love?

Khilli Re

Khilli Re has been sung by Reena Bhardwaj. Now her name made me do some background search to see if she was connected to Vishal Bhardwaj for some odd reason but I was wrong. Reena Bhardwaj is an old AR Rahman flame. She’s done a pretty neat job with Khille Re. A sweet voice indeed.

Kata Kata

The last track of the soundtrack. The end of a journey I wished could last a little longer. Kata Kata is a brilliant track. Rahman’s composition is out of the world. Ila Arun is great as usual.

Kata Kata re bechaara..bakra..
Mana mana ke khair aakhri raat kunwaraa…

So this one is targeted at a bachelor. Reminds me of Rukmani Rukmani from Roja. Another amazing track to fall in love with.

Rahman is back guys and I’ll repeat this line ten times more. Raavan is what AR Rahman stands for, a true masterpiece. Raavan’s music is a tight slap on the face of anyone who thinks he/she can come up with a meaningless idiotic soundtrack. Rahman’s got his biggest fan back, rooting for him, this one deserves a special mention.

You’re the man Rahman! 🙂

My rating: 5/5

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  1. Is it really you writing the review? or has someone hacked your computer. I remember visiting your site and dis-agreeing with you on an AR album. I thought it was pretty awesome, and you obviously thought different.

    So, anyways – Raavan – good album according to me. I liked 4 songs from it. ‘Khilli re’, is tad slow for my liking, and I like ‘Tod De Khilli’ in parts.The rest of the songs are amazing, my favourite being ‘Mata Mata’ – the chorus is sumptuous.

    I hate to rate albums, but I’d give this 4/5

  2. I guess you wrote this review under immense pressure from ARR fans 😛

    Didn’t you felt the extra loudness in all the songs, I found them noise than soothing. If you can rate this album of ARR as 5/5, then you can rate Delhi-6 as 10/5 😉

    Anyways, It’s always worth to buy ARR, Gulzar and Mani combination album. It’s a descent album, but not a 5/5 album.

    Please stick to your ways of rating the album and we are missing a stint of sarcasm 😛

  3. Wow what a neat review!
    Kudos to u for such a detailed review from ur heart.
    Hats to to the rahman sir.
    Again proved, rahman is a legend.

  4. Hey..good news….Raavan is getting an extra track…..The only thing missing from this combo–‘Ud Jaa Re’ by A R Rahman himself!!

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