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3 idiots music review3 Idiots marks the return of Aamir Khan in one of the most anticipated movies of 2009. Loosely based on Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller Five Point Someone, the movie is another Vidhu Vinod Chopra production. The film also stars Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani, R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi in lead roles. The music has been composed by Shantanu Moitra, another favorite under the Vidhu Vinod Chopra banner. The film is supposed to be a fun filled comedy and shall release worldwide by the end of this year.

Coming to the 3 Idiots music, the soundtrack comprises of five tracks and two remixes.

Track listing

Aal Izz Well
Zoobi Doobi
Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh
Give Me Some Sunshine
Jaane Nahin Denge
Zoobi doobi (remix)
All Izz Well (remix)

Aal Izz Well

The soundtrack takes off with Aal Izz Well. Sonu Nigam’s voice is a delight to listen to after a real long time. This is supposed to be one of those fun tracks that outline any typical Bollywood comedy flick. Somehow the song fails to strike an impression the first time you listen to it. The second time it doesn’t work either. The third time you’d wanna skip to the next track. However this might go well with the movie depending how it’s visualized in the movie.

Zoobi Doobi

kareena and aamir in 3 idiotsZoobi Doobi is a trademark Shantanu Moitra track. Sonu Nigam makes it even more worthwhile. This is the song where Kareena and Aamir get wet, of course with water (you naughty fellow). Yes there’s a get-wild-under-artificial-waterfall sort of a sequence in the song. A much better song to follow the first one.

Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh

The characters of Mahdhavan and Sharman Joshi are supposed to be looking for their lost friend Aamir Khan in the flick. This is one track I believe they’ll play when they’re searching for him. A sad touch to it and Shaan’s voice make it hard for me to swallow the track.

Give Me Some Sunshine

Finally! A track I liked in the first go, started humming the second time and hit the favorite button in the third time. What can I say, the lyrics match every freaked out twenty-something’s feelings.

Saari Umr Hum
Mar mar ke jee liye
Ek pal toh humein
jeene do…jeene do

How’s that for beginning the track? Followed by;

Give me some sunshine
give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again!

Sharman Joshi lights up the mood with his lines;

Kandhon Ko Kitaabon ke
bojh ne jhukaaya,
Rishwat dena toh khud
Papa ne sikhaya…
99% marks laoge toh ghadi,
warna chaddi!

Add to that some fine Shantanu Moitra’s composition that’s got a soothing feeling. Another winner!

Jaane Nahin Denge

Sonu Nigam has got more vocals here than any other singer. Reminds me of the Lage Raho Munnabhai soundtrack. Another typical Shantanu Moitra track with a serious tone. Not my type of course, I can smell glycerin already. This one’s got tears I bet!


Everything normal except for one track. I’d give it 2.5/5!

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