Nokia 5800: Another iPhone killer?

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She is finally here! Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic is Nokia’s latest entry into the world of modern touchscreen phones. Earlier nick named ‘The Tube’, the Nokia 5800 is sure to impress a lot of people in India. Does it kill the Apple iPhone dream in India? Come let’s find out!

The Phone

The new Nokia 5800 features a resistive touchscreen. For people like me who’d love to tap fingers on the touch screen it might come as a not so good news. The move, says Nokia, was to fulfil the demand for particularly Asian consumers who prefer handwriting recognition to keyboards. Hence the stylus option. The LCD is impressive though not quite glossy but removes the glare to a lot of extent. Suitable for heavy users. There’s a 3.5 mm headphone jack, a speaker at the back, 3.5 megapixel camera, dual LCD flash, GPS, WiFi and a microSD slot, a free 8GB card!

The Software

Nokia 5800 is a S60 based phone. The interface has been chopped up to produce a touchscreen ready interface. For text input there’s a full screen keyboard on the display for you to tap onto. For those who love T9 there’s a portrait display mode as well. The web browser isn’t as powerful but you can always spice it up by installing your favorite browser and applications.

The Apple iPhone Comparison

Apple managed to sabotage the Indian iPhone 3G dream earlier this year with a heavy price tag. Nokia 5800 may not include a sugary price tag as well but it is always expected to come down to being affordable here in India. The specifications say that Nokia 5800 is superior to the iPhone 3G. For now you can pre-book a Nokia 5800 and wait for that call from their representative telling your how big a hole they’ll blow up in your pocket for this piece of beauty.

1,546 Replies to “Nokia 5800: Another iPhone killer?”

  1. nokia lover since the 2110…
    then the 9000 communicators…all of them.

    it’s over now.
    once you taste champagne (the iphone) then all nokia phones are as good as a cup of tea.

  2. That's a lie any phone can be better than the iPhone one, i have a iPhone and a friend has this Creepy Nokia phone, and the touchscreen is awful. Never compare with the iPhone Screen.

    That's the Ugly Truth 🙂

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