Nokia unveils Ovi Store!

nokia ovi store

Nokia has unveiled it’s own Ovi store for mobile phone consumers. Nokia’s Ovi Store will go live later this year during May. Nokia plans to offer a wide range of services to consumers like applications, games, podcasts, widgets, videos etc. using Ovi Store. The content available on Ovi Store will be based on S60 and S40 based Nokia mobile phones. Ovi Store will target content based on the user’s location and other personalization features.

Nokia plans to target around 300 million mobile phone users by the end of 2012 for Ovi Store. It’s obvious that Nokia’s Ovi Store is a major opportunity for application developers and content providers. Already there are four million registered developers on the Forum Nokia portal. It’ll also be interesting to see how Nokia’s Ovi Store competes with the highly successful Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPhone 3G smartphones along with Microsoft also jumping into the app store scene. It’s a war we all wanna see where the users get spoiled for a choice.

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