Raavan: 5 Unexpected Endings, Not Spoilers!

raavan unexpected endings

Mani Ratman’s Raavan is releasing this Friday. While we all know the way it ends for the historical Raavana, we might have a slight idea how Raavan, the movie, might end. However we’ll take a look at some unexpected stuff today and hope the movie doesn’t end this way. Here are 5 unexpected endings for Raavan. Of course there are no spoilers honey (we don’t know any).
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Movie Review – Rajneeti

rajneeti movie posterI am not the authority on movie reviews around here. It’s just that lately I have been teased for being able to watch special preview shows of new Bollywood releases thanks to my so called contacts in the media industry and not posting any quick reviews. It appears that not everyone share my taste in movies but then what is the point of writing a review when your opinion isn’t truly yours. Enough of nonsense ranting let us talk about Rajneeti.

Rajneeti is one of Prakash Jha’s trademark reality based Bollywood films with a dash of masala. Rajneeti holds an impressive star cast of Bollywood actors including Nasiruddin Shah, Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal, Nana Patekar and leggy Katrina I-can-speak-Hindi Kaif. Rajeeti is of course about the Indian political scene and the dark harsh realities underneath the sewerage.

Rajneeti is backed by a powerful script that is able to keep you glued for the entire period. The movie proceeds at a perfect pace and the story, even if you feel you know it, keeps you interested. The screenplay is excellently done and the characters have been sketched perfectly. All of a sudden I found myself loving Prakash Jha’s cinema. I remembered his Gangajal which was the last I had seen of him.
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Transformers 3 – Victoria’s Secret

Sorry guys but you’re gonna have to deal with it. Megan Fox won’t run around explosions in Transformers 3. She is officially out of the Transformers franchise. Michael Bay seems to be in the process of hiring a popular Victoria’s Secret model for the role Megan was paid big bucks for.

In the mean time you could get a feel of how Bay might thread the next edition of Transformers. Below is the Victoria’s Secret ad he made recently. It’s more like action and hot girls rolled into one. Only if we could have Bumblebee to make this Victoria’s Secret ad appealing to women too.
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Movie Review – Kites

I had seen this movie last Thursday night, the preview show, with my best friends from work. It has taken me a good number of days to recover from the hangover. I will be very honest with you during this review. Kites is a brilliant movie. That is one fact. I am not a douchebag. That’s another. I am a lier. That just about sums it up.

Kites has Hrithik Roshan (the big muscle man of Bollywood) and Mexican model and actress (voila!) Barbara Mori. I voted for this movie just because I love Hrithik. Both as an actor and as a dancer. So did all girls who decided to watch Kites after Hrithik cast his spell with unspoken romantic fantasies during his recent years in Bollywood.

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Movie Review – Housefull: The Steam Review

housefull movie reviewNormally I don’t post movie reviews here considering my taste in Bollywood movies. Although my affinity towards Bollywood babes and deep-as-earth’s-core-cleavage attracts my eyeballs to movie theaters once in a while even if it means stupid Bollywood movies.

Housefull stars a host of elegant flesh, namely, super hottie Lara Dutta (man she’s got some cleavage!), deep dish Deepika Padukone and Ms. really long sultry legs Jiah Khan (I almost forgot her name). The films also stars Akshay Kumar, Ritesh Deshmukh and blah-blah-who-cares actors.
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Movie Review – Badmaash Company

badmaash company reviewLet me confess first. I saw this movie last night. I really saw this movie last night. I just woke up about half an hour ago and I knew the first thing I had to do was write a review for Yash Raj’s latest flick Badmaash Company. None of us three die hard Bollywood fans knew it was a Parmeet Sethi flick. The actor turned writer-director dude is the brain behind Badmaash Company. The film stars Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Meiyang Chang and Vir Das.

badmaash company

In a word Badmaash Company is a con job. Okay that was two. If you’re setting out to watch a movie to make this a perfect pre-weekend-dinner thing then I’ll advise you against it. Badmaash Company is a strict no-no. It belongs to the genre of Bollywood cinema that cannot be explained in words. The experience will leave you flabbergasted.
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Movie Review: Clash Of The Titans 3D

It finally released! It has been a long long wait for me. Clash of the Titans, based on the 1981 film of the same title, took on the 3D bandwagon to recreate the magic of Greek mythology. I will not talk about the story, neither will I give out any hints here that might spoil your movie experience.

clash of the titans movie review 3d

Clash of the Titans 3D is a classic. Although I felt that 3D effects could have been better at times but the movie is like a complete balanced meal. It leaves you hungry for more and by the time you leave the cinema hall you smile at the person collecting your 3D glasses for you’ve had your money’s worth.
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Mallika Sherawat’s First American On-Screen Kiss

mallika sherawat on-screen kiss

Mallika Sherwat has done it again! The bold Bollywood actress has apparantly tweeted her first ever American on-screen kiss. Mallika seems to be having fun at Hollywood. Her energy-filled Twitter timeline reflects that. The actress is currently in the United States shooting for her new movie Hisss (I don’t know how many S’s are involved) which stars Irfan Khan too.

Don’t ask me who the guy Mallika is kissing in the still above. It’s definitely not Irfan Khan. Just another random guy? Well it’s Mallika Sherawat you see not Rakhi Sawant. After going through the official promo for Mallika’s Hiss I have no interest in watching the movie myself. I won’t even recommend you the promo. Of course you can Youtube the video once the movie is out.
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Movie Review: My Name Is Khan

my name is khan movie review

I have to admit the first time I caught up with the My Name Is Khan promo on TV, I was so excited I started jumping on my bed. Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the perfect Bollywood couple, were coming back after such a long time for Karan Johar’s latest flick. Emotions were bound to run high. My Name Is Khan (MNIK) become my most anticipated film of 2010. I didn’t care whether the soundtrack was good enough or not, I didn’t care whether the Shiv Sena element scared people off, I didn’t care if I had to pay a premium to buy a single ticket to watch My Name Is Khan for a special preview screening.
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