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rajneeti movie posterI am not the authority on movie reviews around here. It’s just that lately I have been teased for being able to watch special preview shows of new Bollywood releases thanks to my so called contacts in the media industry and not posting any quick reviews. It appears that not everyone share my taste in movies but then what is the point of writing a review when your opinion isn’t truly yours. Enough of nonsense ranting let us talk about Rajneeti.

Rajneeti is one of Prakash Jha’s trademark reality based Bollywood films with a dash of masala. Rajneeti holds an impressive star cast of Bollywood actors including Nasiruddin Shah, Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal, Nana Patekar and leggy Katrina I-can-speak-Hindi Kaif. Rajeeti is of course about the Indian political scene and the dark harsh realities underneath the sewerage.

Rajneeti is backed by a powerful script that is able to keep you glued for the entire period. The movie proceeds at a perfect pace and the story, even if you feel you know it, keeps you interested. The screenplay is excellently done and the characters have been sketched perfectly. All of a sudden I found myself loving Prakash Jha’s cinema. I remembered his Gangajal which was the last I had seen of him.

The movie doesn’t introduce any new layer to the circus of Indian democracy. And yet there’s so much that is intriguing. Rajneeti goes on to explore the traits of power and how it sparks off a deeper game of vanity amongst it’s players. It’s a game that goes beyond evil. Beyond anything that there is in this world.

The actors do their job pretty well. Naseerudin Shah might have been wasted, I felt, but he justified his character seamlessly. Katrina has matured and I would not comment on her Hindi speaking skills. Ajay Devgan and Arjun Rampal were great as usual. Nana Patekar is a delight while Ranbir Kapoor shaves off his chocolate boy image and manages to display his acting skills.

Rajneeti is a film you should not miss. It’s a film for every Indian. It’s a must-see this weekend in case you’re doing nothing better than babysitting kids at home or taking them to the newly opened mall nearby. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie in the theaters. You can thank me later.

My Rating – 5/5

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