Studio18 Premieres Striker On YouTube

Studio 18 premiered Bollywood flick Striker on YouTube, a first timer for any Hindi movie to be released on YouTube and across cinema halls simultaneously. The movie was available for viewers from various countries except in India, for obvious reasons.

striker on youtube

The movie is available for users residing in US for $ 4.99 through YouTube Rentals beta. Users who pay for the movie shall be able to watch it on YouTube for 24 hours maximum. Rentals is an experimental feature on YouTube which is currently only for US users.
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Oscar Nominations – Short Film Kavi makes it!

oscar nominations kaviThe Oscar nominations were just announced a few moments ago. I managed to catch the live feed on a national news channel. As usual this year’s Oscar nominations have come up with the usual expectations with a few surprises here and there. An interesting entry to the best short film category is Kavi. It’s a short film made on slavery in India.

Kavi is a film about an Indian boy who is forced into slavery. The film by Gregg Helvey is a part of his USC thesis project. The film is a 19-minute fictional tale of child labor in India. As per Gregg, the film is an attempt to make an entire feature film on the subject with this short film as the basis. I haven’t seen the movie but the trailer has certainly got me interested.
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Movie Review – Veer

I’m not a big fan of Salman Khan, nor do I feel the chubby Katrina look-alike Zarine Khan can act but you cannot resist catching a Bollywood flick living in this part of the country. The glamor just pulls you in. Salman Khan’s Veer is an epic story. A tale of love and a brave warrior. A tale that doesn’t leave you flabbergasted, a tale that can put you into depression.

I believe for most of you the review ended with the last sentence of the previous paragraph. But then you’re too keen enough for a big-ass review of Veer you’re reading this. So why doesn’t Veer work for Salman? Poor direction, pathetic screenplay, a story that’s more than just inspired by major period films and then a soundtrack that’s way too vague.

Apparently the story credits reveal Salman Khan wrote Veer by himself. I can bet Salman had seen too much of Gladiator, Troy and even Bollywood epic Kranti while writing the story for Veer. He’s not only screwed up the story but he’s made a mockery of these great movies also. He could have been better off writing a spoof which could have been a major blockbuster. But no he had to write Veer and project himself as the great Bollywood Gladiator.
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Golden Globes: Jeff Bridges wins Best Actor For Crazy Heart

jeff bridges golden globes

If anyone has been a Jeff Bridges fan, today has been a great day! Jeff Bridges has won the best actor award at the Golden Globe Awards this year. The man deserves it to the core. Jeff Bridges is now one step closer to an overdue Oscar. The 60 year old actor won the best dramatic actor award for his role in Crazy Heart as country singer Bad Blake. The standing ovation at the ceremony while Jeff Bridges received the award clearly showed the respect the man has earned over all these years.

Jeff Bridges had earlier been nominated for a Golden Globe thrice but never really made it. Bridges has also been an Oscar contender four times. I’m hoping he makes it for the fifth time for this year’s Oscars when the nominations are revealed on February 2. He might have to face big shots actors like George Clooney and Morgan Freeman but Jeff Bridges is a class in itself.
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Movie Review – Paanch

paanch anurag kashyapThere are movies and then there are Anurag Kashyap’s movies. I have been absolutely stunned everytime I go see one of his movies. Black Friday was a brilliant job, Dev D was simply superb along with Gulaal which I think was enough to make me a die-hard Anurag Kashyap fan. He’s written screenplays for Ram Gopal Verma’s Satya, Kaun and Shool. He’s also penned down dialogues for a Mani Ratnam flick, Yuva. His work speaks for himself. So I stumbled upon one his previous flicks, Paanch, which is also his debut film as a director. Paanch faced clearance trouble at the Indian censor board and then some business issues, hence the film failed to make it as a mainstream release. The film was shot in 2000. Almost 10 years down the line it’s still very appealing.

Paanch is a gut-wrenching, visually appealing, thought provoking film about how crime never eventually pays back. The film is not about five youngsters aiming to become the biggest rock band in the world. The film is not about the youngsters making their way to the underworld. The film doesn’t glorify crime, the film depicts how crime kills crime and how money makes people viciously sick. The characters are so rich and deep that it makes you feel for them. This has got to be Kay Kay Menon’s best performance till today. The film is very real.
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Movie Review: Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

ajab prem ki ghazab kahaani reviewFriday is one of the best days at college. The classes get over quickly so you can spend the rest of the day catching up on your dreams at home or you can hang out with your friends. This friday as Samarth says, ‘It was your funeral. You chose it.’ Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s not so anticipated flick Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (I need to a deep breath while naming the flick) released this friday. I was more impressed with the Rajkumar Santoshi tag while a lot of girls were interested in the hair weaving chocolate hero Ranbir Kapoor (yes it’s true). My first mistake. So the entire campus is set loose by some insane time-table setting authority. Faridabad is flooded with bags-and-handbags-carrying crowd with a desperate look on their faces as they battle it out at the box office to get tickets. Cell phones became life savers as groups split to different multiplexes hoping to catch the latest show. If only the youth of the nation worked this hard the other way around. So we also decided to opt for a Faridabad multiplex itself. My second mistake.

We managed to get tickets at Inox, Faridabad. It’s located at the Crown Interiorz mall. The food court there claims it’s the biggest in the entire NCR region (yeah the biggest you-know-what). They say the first fifteen minutes of a movie can make it or break it. My first fifteen minutes of the movie were spent settling down and telling my brain that I ‘am’ in a multiplex. Why? Flashback – 15 minutes ago. As the gates for the hall opened, the crowd went crazy. People were pushing everyone 360 degrees. Doesn’t make sense I agree but this is Faridabad, people will kill you for no reason whatsoever. I’ve had better experience with a second class travel in an Indian Railways train than this.
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