Go Green with Samsung Blue Earth Phone!

Samsung has come up with an innovative mobile phone which is powered by solar energy and is totally eco-friendly. The phone features the look of a rounded pebble a solar rear panel that, Samsung claims, the users can always count on. For those of you who are worried about rainy days, the Samsung Blue Earth phone includes a DC charger which is good enough to sail your Titanic calls to safe shores during rainy days. The phone is touch driven and looks absolutely great. Take a look here.

samsung blue earth mobile phone

The retail box for the Samsung Blue Earth phone shall be made entirely from recycled paper. The mobile phone itself is made from recycled water bottles and is free of harmful constituents. A special eco-mode sets your phone to conserve energy by switching your phone into an energy efficient mode.

The phone will be displayed by Samsung at the Mobile World Congress 2009. I’ll keep you posted on more details about the phone.

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