N900 is finally launched in India

maemo nokie n900

Rub your eyes guys. Nokia N900 has finally been launched in India. The Linux based mobile phone from Nokia finally made it’s way into the country. Although the price tag will blow a hole in your pocket but we’ll get to that later on. The phone was of course openly available through you-know-what routes in India but now it’s officially out so it’s better you buy one from Nokia directly.

Nokia N900 is a Maemo 5 based Internet tablet with some power packed features. It boasts of a ARM Cortex A8 processor, Open GL ES 2.0 graphics, WVGA screen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard. You want more? You got it! N900 also comes with 32GB of memory and it’s extensible up to 48GB using the expansion slot. The monster mobile accompanies a 5MP camera along with standard GPS and FM services.

nokia n900 in india

The phone will cost Rs. 30,639 in India ($650 US). Now cost may be a factor here. I’d say you’re better off buying a brand new desktop or even better go for a decent netbook and a cell phone at the same price. There are plenty of smartphones out there in the Indian market priced decently in the range of Rs 9000 to Rs. 15000. You can get a Dell Mini for like Rs. 17000 with Windows 7 here. I doubt if anyone would spend this money on buying N900 in India.

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