Surprised! Google thinks I’m a bot.

funny google message bug or error

We’re sorry…

… but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

Yes. Google thinks I’m a bot! Got this screen while using Lively. I didn’t do anything to bomb their servers, I simply clicked on Sign-in. Ok. I’m scared now. What if the next time I try to sign-in and they tell me I’m an alien or something?

When Facebook met Orkut!

Facebook Hey dude!
Orkut Vadacum my dear friend, vadacum!
Facebook Hey what was that?
Orkut I just shifted base to India. So just trying to Indianize myself!
Facebook Yeah I can smell the curry and chicken tikka tandoori already.
Orkut Hey you know we launched the much awaited Application feature on Orkut recently.
Facebook Huh!
Orkut And we’re constantly adding more features every day.
Facebook Oh! You mean new bugs everyday!
Orkut What do you mean bugs?
Facebook I mean those tiny new things you call ‘features’, you add these things every single day and most of these are just bugs!
Orkut You’re just j….j…..jealous….oh wait…Bad Bad Server! No donuts for you! No No!
Facebook There you go again!
Orkut Alright! I’m fine now! You see I’m still in Beta!
Facebook You’ve lived in beta. You’ll die in beta Orkut!

DLF Indian Premier League: Political Mantras

DLF Indian premier leagueThe much awaited Indian Premier League kicked off last night with a spectacular match between the Kolkota Knight Riders and the Bangalore Royal Challengers. The Knight Riders kicked some real butt last night. The cheerleaders, the music, the atmosphere, the players, the sixes, all added to the excitement IPL offers. But somewhere in a dingy office in Delhi a popular political leader wasn’t really happy with the way things were. So he decided to call his mom.

[Beep Beep]

Sonia: Yes mera chunnu?!
Rahul: Momma…are you watching TV?
Sonia: Beta chunnu…I have a nation to run here.
Rahul: But that is PM’s job momma!
Sonia: So…?
Rahul: Oh…got it got it! Look momma I have a real problem this time.
Sonia: Beta we’ll crown you the PM soon, don’t worry.
Rahul: No momma it’s about this Indian Premier League.
Sonia: Oh! I told them to call it Rahul Gandhi Indian Premier League. Damn those morons are so rich they won’t take any money.
Rahul: No momma. They didn’t let me have my own team. And they have these almost naked cheerleaders and…
Sonia: Beta you could have your own team. Heard about that fantasy cricket thing?! And don’t stare at any naked chick.
Rahul: No momma…no momma…I want my own team!
Sonia: Beta I have to go now. Go get some ice-cream and lick.
Rahul: Momma…they didn’t even invite me for a match.
Rahul: Momma….momma you there…?!
Rahul: Mommmmmmmaaaaaa…… [starts crying]

Gauravism of the Week!


This just keeps getting better every time. This time it’s from a chick’s scrapbook on Orkut. Mind you, it’s ‘cooomplicated’!

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A letter from Bill Gates

Dear Momma,

I hope this mail finds you in the best of health. I am using Steve’s e-mail account to send you this mail. No not the Apple guy but my CEO Steve Ballmer. They somehow blocked my e-mail account since I exceeded the 2GB limit. So how are you Momma? I hope you’re running into fewer blue screens now. Momma remember I sent you the Windows Vista DVD last month, never mind that. You will have to buy more memory, a graphics cards, better display monitor etc. So you can still continue with Windows 98. You know those were the best ones we made! Well, I have been going through some tough times here. You must have read the papers Momma. We tried to buy Yahoo but that fucking Chinese retard doesn’t understand that his stock ain’t going up anytime soon. Google is kicking our butt with each passing day Momma. Sometimes I feel like crying on your shoulders. If Google wasn’t really harsh enough, uncle EU keeps slapping me with such record fines all the time. I’m not going to sell software over there now. But Europe is one of the few places where people still don’t know about BitTorrent so I the only few copies of software that I sell are sold there itself. Hey Momma! I’m planning to buy an iPhone for myself. It’s pretty cool you know. It does all sorts of things and it has that great touchscreen thing and I can listen to music and install apps and so much! I’m gonna ask Jobs for a rebate. It’s far too expensive you see.

Ok Momma I’m gonna have to press the Send button now! Ballmer recently updated to the Vista SP1, so the system hangs up every 5 minutes. Take care Momma, I miss you!


Your Billy!

Internet Party

It’s a party and Google, Ebay, Facebook, Digg, Urban and more are simply chilling out! A video worth a watch!