How to Look Smart & Sophisticated Online

how to look smart online

Is it that people don’t take you too seriously in life? Is it that you find it hard to make an impression on people? Well here’s a neat guide to help you look smart and sophisticated and create an impression. Go ahead and make those girls go crazy over you!

Your Instant Messenger Status

instant messenger statusYour instant messenger status speaks for you. It’s the first thing that your contacts look at once you’re signed into your instant messenger program and before your friends initiates a conversation with you. So your status creates your first impression to your contacts. Always keep your status to ‘Busy’ or ‘Do Not Disturb’. This tells the other person you’re busy somewhere online with something really important while you might be staring at some random girl’s photos on Orkut or Facebook. Still if someone bothers you with an IM, never shy away from telling the other person how busy you are.
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OMG! Bollywood chicks and recession?

kangana ranaut Seems like recession has kicked in real hard and Bollywood chicks are suffering from the slowdown in the economy for sure. Just take a look at Kangana Ranaut on the left. It’s a snap from the Raaz-2 success party. If you’ve enjoyed the revealing curves Kangana is happily bragging about so loudly please take a moment and just look at what she’s really wearing. That hideous dress looks like it has been designed by some fashion designing student who committed suicide after designing this dress. Kangana picked it up and you wanna know why? Well. It’s recession. Period.

kareena kapoor fashion sexyOk you’re asking me how does recession affect our red hot Bollywood sirens? I’ll explain it to you in full details. Not to worry but first take a look at Kareena on the right. She is someone who wears dresses of such class. A yellow transparent saree to reveal her curves and hide the effects of recession. Alright I’m getting on your nerves. How does recession affect our chicks? Well recession has kicked US badly. The designers there aren’t coming up with so many new designer clothes so our poor designers back here have nothing to copy. Somehow our Bollywood queens just won’t accept their own creations. So recession screws US. That screws up Bollywood chicks like Kangana and Kareena and ultimately people like you and me lose out on the fantasies.
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The Perfect Boyfriend doesn’t exist!

the perfect boyfriend

That’s right people the title says it all. As junior school science teachers taught you with a stink in their hands that there is no such thing as an ideal machine, it’s true that there is no such thing as a perfect boyfriend. There are always some kind of losses on the path of love. Sometimes the effeciency sucks so bad that the loss overtake the gain.

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5 Things All Bollywood Chicks MUST DO!

bollywood chicks funny article

1. Go for a cosmetic surgery

Look at chicks in Hollywood. And now look at the chicks we got in Bollywood. They’re freaking ugly dude! No matter how hard these chicks try to ape the West they’re just not up to the mark. Except for a few chicks who actually look good enough like Katrina Kaif and Lara Dutta. Look at Bipasha. That’s like kilos of fat sitting on her bikini sporting huge body. I wonder how John makes love to this Eiffel tower. And Aishwarya looks like an aunty to me.

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The Great Indian Infosys Interview!

People could kill to get into Infosys. I am not talking about IITians here. Engineering students like you and me who belong to the second grade of engineering colleges eye Infosys as a Goddess! People prepare for their rounds of interview, tests etc. for months, spend thousands at coaching classes.

This interview dates back to January 2008, during the Infosys HR interview rounds on your campus. The legendary person Mr. Amit Khullar from apna Punjab made a point. Although he has passed out he still remains an icon to his juniors like me. Amit is currently pursuing his dream, inside his father’s old workshop, somewhere in Punjab itself. He aims to topple Microsoft and Google from the IT mainstream.
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