5 Reasons Why Kissing in Classroom is a Bad Idea!

kissing in classroom

++ Kissing in a classroom is highly dangerous to you and your partner’s reputation. Don’t think no one cares or no one is watching. When you’re in a classroom someone is always watching. Even when you think you’re alone. Basic laws of college.

++ It will always go wrong no matter what. You might be Mr. Hot Shot or a Paris Hilton of your college but you just won’t get things right. You might end up biting each other’s nose.

++ All that tension about someone might gatecrash your little love making party will ruin the whole experience.

++ Kissing induces a human body’s urge to get even more physical with your partner. A classroom isn’t exactly the place where you both want to lose your virginity. Or do you? You sick bastards!

++ You’re looking for more reasons? Get a life. Get a room!

5 Replies to “5 Reasons Why Kissing in Classroom is a Bad Idea!”

  1. Oh well no such experiences but yeah it’s very common these days…wanna be lovers trying to make out in classrooms…just a small neat lesson for them!

  2. “kissing in clasroom can be dangerous to u n your partner’s reputation”
    wel it’s nt at al applicable fr godzilla huge despos…dey wil do wateva dey want to…be it a kiss or a smooch or even SeNsEx…[;)]

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