The Great Indian GRE Dream – Part 1

preparing for gre/gmat

As I sit here writing this article I’m sure there are thousands if not millions of students back there in India who are currently preparing for their GRE/GMAT exams. The urge to go abroad just never ends. Studying abroad is simply an excuse. At first thought when you thought of going abroad for studies, the only thing that could come in your silly mind was not studies itself but hundreds of those green things, those chicks, that life, the life we download every single day in episodes as sitcoms and sit in front of our PCs laughing away and hoping one day you’ll get your own ticket abroad. Here’s a reality check for you kids. The Great Indian GRE dream is nothing close to what you’d imagine it to be. It’s a whole new world out there. There are so many misconceptions that are hard wired into our brains by fellow students, agents, so called immigration consultants etc. that we just don’t use 1% of our brain to think real. So Zordy, the lord of the good world, had to issue an advisory. I’ll cover it in 2-3 parts as long as I can find time from my busy schedule (I like using the world schedule here, it sounds I have something real to do).

Eureka! The idea of preparing for GRE/GMAT

In any normal scenario an engineering student starts preparing for a GRE exam just when he’s got that I’m-screwed feeling. This normally happens by the mid-third-year-period when campus placements have been like Monsoons, CAT seemed like a hard animal to capture or your girlfriend started preparing for it too. You browse a couple of sites, Google your way through universities and it seems pretty much a walk in the park. You make up your mind and tell your parents about your decision to rock the west and they waste no time in throwing parties, telling everyone that their bright kid has a sun-bright future abroad. Everything looks green great. Your blood circulation and bowel movements reflect your happiness. All set?

Reality check: This is the point, a very important one I must say, where you need to think a lot. A lot doesn’t mean that you google harder but a lot means that you really put your brain to test. This is where most people go wrong. Going abroad to study just because the next door Chunnu-Munnu or that distant relative’s son/daughter laid their flags abroad isn’t entirely a reason. Just because you think you’ll study abroad you’ll also get to settle there isn’t always correct. Give it a proper thought. Ask yourself all those WH questions. If you can satisfy yourself with the answers only then decide on studying abroad.

Some of these questions are a must;

Why do you want to study abroad?

Which course would you take up?

Will the course help you in your career plans?

How long will it take?

How much will it cost?

Is there an alternative to studying abroad?

These are just few of the questions one must ask himself before actually deciding on studying abroad. I shall cover more in the next part. Thanks for your patience.

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