Airtel Broadband: Speed Explosion!


I’ve been experiencing some really awesome speeds at home for the past few hours. I’ve touched a maximum of 50kB/s which is like really really awesome considering I’m on a 256kbps line. I hope this continues for long enough. Oh! But then I need to go visit Nehru Place all over again for a bigger portable hard drive for my lappy. Cheers to Airtel! And all those of you who curse their ISPs each time you can’t attain even promised speeds, check if Airtel is available nearby.

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  1. Airtel Broadband is much better than BSNL Dataone. Even Reliance isn’t offering the correct bandwidth and Tata Indicom is way behind the broadband scene. Locals ISPs have given up since Airtel Broadband evolved and with Airtel’s pricing and new tariff plans along with Games on Demand service etc. will surely make Airtel on top! Not to forget the current new free wifi scheme is simply superb!!!!

  2. I experienced this unusual speed up on my airtel connection as well. It’s back to normal now (curses, because I couldn’t finish up all the queued downloads!) Probably an internal screw up, but it’s good to see corporates getting ripped off by the common man for a change. 😀 Or is this some kind of “get the customer addicted to faster speeds and then cut it down again” evil scheme?

  3. The speed which u are experiencing is damn slow.I have got a bsnl broadband connection and my speed is 4mbps and data usage is unlimited that too for just Rs.900/month.

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