5 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Effective communication is key to achieve almost any goal, be it in life, business or anywhere else. Communication skills are acquired over a period of time which explains how those who are older are able to communicate almost flawlessly. You can easily learn to communicate effectively and clearly. It will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your peers and also help you run a highly successful small or large enterprise. If you are interested to tap into in any online selling opportunities, good communication will always help you grow your business.

Before we proceed, let’s think for a moment what essentially good communication means. Communication is more than just a simple exchange of words or information. There’s a lot more involved on different levels, especially about understanding and conveying emotions and thus your intentions to another person. Communication is always a two-way street. It’s also not what you say to the other person, but how you perceive what you hear and read is what matters. Learning how you can improve your communication skills will help you excel in promoting your small business through content marketing strategies.

Some problems that may come in the way of an effective communication:

1. Too much stress

2. No focus

3. Body language issues

4. Negative thinking

Improving your communication skills will revolve around coming up with solutions for these key issues. Let’s take a look at how you can easily improve your communication skills:

1. Start listening

Good communication begins with better listening. Listening isn’t just a mental transaction of what the speaker has said but it also involves understanding the emotions and intention behind what has been said. You must be engaged in a conversation for effective communication to flow across. This way you will be able to hear the little details which can otherwise be missed in a serious conversation. The idea behind good communication is to build a strong, deep and engaged connection with the speaker. You can easily become a n engaged listener by focusing entirely on the speaker. Absorb as much as possible you can from the speaker, including the body language and other possible nonverbal hints. A majority of communication now is non-verbal and this is why you need to be an active listener at all times.

2. Get the body language right

Just like verbal communication, nonverbal cues are equally important. There are times when people prefer to communicate through body language when they can’t find the words to express themselves. Body language comprises of facial expressions, gestures, eye movements and contact and even the tone of your voice. Your looks and physical movements while talking are also a part of your body language when it comes to communication. You shouldn’t refrain from using body language to communicate effectively. Make sure you maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to. Supplement your verbal communication with nonverbal cues to make it more effective.

3. Tell a story

How you choose to communicate is also very essential in making sure the person on the other end listens carefully. Telling stories works because they help our brain stay activated throughout the conversation. It takes out the boring aspects of any conversation and helps make you even more persuasive. You can convince others, perform better at interviews and efficiently get your ideas through. While delivering presentations, the top CEOs use these techniques to keep their audience hooked and still get their message delivered. Online sellers use powerful content marketing skills to weave stories around their brands to entice consumers.

4. Ask more questions

Asking questions serves to main purposes. First, it tells the other person that you’re really interested in the conversation. Second, it also helps you grab certain parts of the conversation which you may have missed out on for some reason. Asking questions works very well for both the parties. You could even repeat the person’s last couple of words to lay stress and clarify certain important parts of the conversation.

5. Keep stress at bay

When you are stressed, communication becomes a problem. Stress makes it harder for us to focus on conversations and grasp ideal points. You are also more likely to misinterpret others when you are stressed. This creates unnecessary misunderstandings that is not good for anyone. Keep stress away before important meetings or conversations. Make sure you have a personal strategy to calm down and relax yourself if you find yourself in a stressful situation. Communicating to the other party about your situation could also work, you could ask for some time off before you engage in a conversation.

5 Best Ways to Improve your Website

As a small business owner you need to understand the value of maintaining a strong website. A website isn’t something that you can create once and forget about it. You have to continuously make efforts to keep improving it. As your business grows, your website needs to reflect it. On the internet your website is the face of your small business. Websites help you execute your online selling strategies more effectively.

There are several reason why you need to spend time and other resources in improving your small business website. Your website needs to stand out from the competition and it can only be done if you continue iterating your design process. Websites that lay stress on the user experience become hot favorites amongst consumers. There are a lot of benefits of marketing your business online.

Here are five ways you can easily and quickly improve your website:

1. Create an interactive navigation

A navigation is the heart and soul of a website. You don’t want your customers to get lost in the middle of something. You also want your customers to be able to access any information that they may be useful to them. A clear navigation bar serves this purpose. Make sure your website has a good navigation that offers links to all segments of your website. Typically, you want to create a navigation system with 5-6 top-level categories especially pages about your small business, contact information, blog, etc.

2. Optimize the content on your website

Your website’s foundation blocks are the pieces of content that you place in it. To improve your website, you should focus on optimizing all the content on your website. A good point to start off with the process is to go through the existing content on your website. This is called on-page optimization. A few simple measures like correct headlines, descriptive content and proper links to other pages on your website can go a long way in optimizing your website for search engines. Your content should reflect your small businesses’ online selling strategies.

3. Place clear call to action buttons

Your website’s sole purpose is to generate leads and offer relevant information. Once your prospective customers start showing an interest in buying your products or services, there needs to be a simple and effective way to turn them into paid customers. Generating leads using these call to action buttons are one of the benefits of marketing your business online. Placing clear, well designed and relevant call to action buttons on specific locations of your website will help you achieve this goal. For example: you could place a button to enable users to ask for a quote on a page where you explain a product that you sell.

4. Dig deeper into analytics

To track how users, react to your website you need to focus on analytics. Web analytics services allow you to gain user data whenever someone visits your websites. This data holds valuable information that can tell you how users end up on your website, how they navigate across the website, which pages are more visited and so on. All this data can tell you what is working well for your website and what isn’t. You need to have a clear goal about what you want your website to function as. Go through these analytics and keep experimenting with your web design and content to see how these user metrics shift.

5. Add customer testimonials

There’s nothing more convincing for prospective customers than your existing customers’ review of your small business. Regularly keep these customer testimonials updated on your website. Place them on key website locations such as product and service pages where your prospective customers are looking at your credibility. These testimonials go a long way in building consumer trust. While adding customer testimonials make sure you add relevant information about your customers along with a photo. These convince users as the testimonials appear genuine.


Movie Review: Aisha

aisha movie review

How it all began?
[Phone rings]

Sonam: Hey pappa! How’re you doin?
Anil: I’m gr8, don’t call me pappa. It sounds like I’m your father or something.
Sonam: But you’re my pappppa na!
Anil: Ok ok so what do you want now?
Sonam: Pappa I wanna do a movie with Abhay Deol and my gang.
Anil: What? You’re done with your contracts?
Sonam: Yes pappa!
Anil: Okay let me think. Okay we can rip off a novel and twist things around.
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Movie Review – Rajneeti

rajneeti movie posterI am not the authority on movie reviews around here. It’s just that lately I have been teased for being able to watch special preview shows of new Bollywood releases thanks to my so called contacts in the media industry and not posting any quick reviews. It appears that not everyone share my taste in movies but then what is the point of writing a review when your opinion isn’t truly yours. Enough of nonsense ranting let us talk about Rajneeti.

Rajneeti is one of Prakash Jha’s trademark reality based Bollywood films with a dash of masala. Rajneeti holds an impressive star cast of Bollywood actors including Nasiruddin Shah, Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal, Nana Patekar and leggy Katrina I-can-speak-Hindi Kaif. Rajeeti is of course about the Indian political scene and the dark harsh realities underneath the sewerage.

Rajneeti is backed by a powerful script that is able to keep you glued for the entire period. The movie proceeds at a perfect pace and the story, even if you feel you know it, keeps you interested. The screenplay is excellently done and the characters have been sketched perfectly. All of a sudden I found myself loving Prakash Jha’s cinema. I remembered his Gangajal which was the last I had seen of him.
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Transformers 3 – Victoria’s Secret

Sorry guys but you’re gonna have to deal with it. Megan Fox won’t run around explosions in Transformers 3. She is officially out of the Transformers franchise. Michael Bay seems to be in the process of hiring a popular Victoria’s Secret model for the role Megan was paid big bucks for.

In the mean time you could get a feel of how Bay might thread the next edition of Transformers. Below is the Victoria’s Secret ad he made recently. It’s more like action and hot girls rolled into one. Only if we could have Bumblebee to make this Victoria’s Secret ad appealing to women too.
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Movie Review – Kites

I had seen this movie last Thursday night, the preview show, with my best friends from work. It has taken me a good number of days to recover from the hangover. I will be very honest with you during this review. Kites is a brilliant movie. That is one fact. I am not a douchebag. That’s another. I am a lier. That just about sums it up.

Kites has Hrithik Roshan (the big muscle man of Bollywood) and Mexican model and actress (voila!) Barbara Mori. I voted for this movie just because I love Hrithik. Both as an actor and as a dancer. So did all girls who decided to watch Kites after Hrithik cast his spell with unspoken romantic fantasies during his recent years in Bollywood.

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Movie Review – Badmaash Company

badmaash company reviewLet me confess first. I saw this movie last night. I really saw this movie last night. I just woke up about half an hour ago and I knew the first thing I had to do was write a review for Yash Raj’s latest flick Badmaash Company. None of us three die hard Bollywood fans knew it was a Parmeet Sethi flick. The actor turned writer-director dude is the brain behind Badmaash Company. The film stars Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Meiyang Chang and Vir Das.

badmaash company

In a word Badmaash Company is a con job. Okay that was two. If you’re setting out to watch a movie to make this a perfect pre-weekend-dinner thing then I’ll advise you against it. Badmaash Company is a strict no-no. It belongs to the genre of Bollywood cinema that cannot be explained in words. The experience will leave you flabbergasted.
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DLF IPL 3 – It’s the finale!

After thousands of words being written about the misery IPL and it’s head honcho Mr. Lalit Modi are going to face in their near future, I thought I’d write something about the other side of the IPL, the situation on ground zero, the game of cricket.

I may be the biggest hypocrite of all times but as much as I hate cricket and cricket lovers I just can’t stay away from games like semi-finals and the big final. As of IPL 3 it’s down to the mighty Mumbai Indians against the cherished Chennai Super Kings this Sunday.

I’m not a supporter of either of the teams. A majority of you might already be supporting the Mumbai Indians due to their obvious strength, somehow I felt the Royal Challengers are the Proteas of IPL. They’re a strong team yet they get behind just before the big game.

So who is it going to be? The nerves are already ticking. The blood pressure is all set to rise. This Sunday, it’s a big one!