Sony Dash – A Personal Internet Viewer

sony dash device

Sony has launched a pocket internet device it calls Dash! Sony revealed it’s new pocket device at Consumer Electronics Show 2010, currently underway at Las Vegas. Sony claims the device to be a ‘personal Internet viewer.’ Sony’s Dash comes at a time when biggies like Microsoft, HP and Apple are headed into big time Tablet wars. So what is Sony’s little device doing amidst all this? Sony Dash is like a tiny little tablet, 7 inch to be precise and it’s touchscreen. Sony will be selling Dash for around $199. Now that’s cool! A tiny tablet under $200.

Sony Dash features an accelerometer which supports vertical flip. This means it allows you to view the device at two optional angles, upright and slightly tilted. It features custom multiple profiles so all your homies can access the device without messing with each other. Dash also has internal stereo speakers and also a USB port that enables you to connect your Dash device to other external devices. You can possibly do all what you currently do on the Internet using a desktop computer or a laptop. Well almost! I still couldn’t locate any specifications regarding memory. Anyone? Sony’s Dash will hit stores in April 2010 so watch out for that!

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