The Anatomy of an Online Sale

Who doesn’t love a good online sale? We’re all guilty of making useless irrational purchases every single time a major online retailer announces a promotional sale. I am probably one of the worst when it comes to online sales. The thing’s hit me so bad lately, I’ve decided to pen down my experience as well as my observations around each major sale. It’ll be alright if we’re not friends after you read this.

Each major online sale include four major components.
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5 Reasons Why Apple Won’t Launch iPhone 4S in India

iphone 4s india

As you’re all probably aware of the fact that Apple recently announced the next iPhone titled the iPhone 4S. The new iPhone is available for pre-order now in select countries. Apple also mentioned that a bunch of other countries would also receive the iPhone 4S very soon and then by the end of this year 70+ countries would get to taste Apple’s most amazing iPhone yet.

So why don’t we Indians get to have the iPhone 4S the same time our American relatives get to flaunt it? Apart from logical reasons, I’ve come up with my own list of five obvious ones.
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A Lokpal For Each of India’s Problems

lokpal alternatives

Now that the entire nation has come together to fight corruption in the country I thought I can do my bit by suggestion Lokpal-like bills to change our country for the good. Remember corruption isn’t the only problem our country is facing now, there are far bigger problems plaguing our nation and we need to raise our voice now or forever stay silent.

So I am going to propose some brand new bills here to help India become a better place to live. I hope you’ll all agree, in case you don’t please don’t throw stones at the computer screen. It won’t help.
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How Can Anna Kournikova Save India?

anna hazare

Anna Kournikova may be a glamorous tennis star with a questionable career for some of you. For us, Indians, she is just another hot girl who plays tennis, looks fabulous on screen and has a fancy last name we just can’t learn how to pronounce correctly. But what does Anna have to do with saving India?

I’ll come to that a little later on. At first I’d like to bring to your notice a new yet common Indian phenomenon that is picking up TRPs all across the nation. The country is falling for one guy they think is a super hero and will save the country from everything evil. The man himself, Shri Anna Hazare has a solid reputation to back him up and he’s fighting corruption in the country. His decision to sit down on yet another fast isn’t news for many. This was expected, just like Ms Kournikova winning an imaginary tennis match.
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Who the %^&$ is Govind Tiwari?

govind tiwari

This morning a link to someone’s blog was doing the rounds at Twitter and I don’t know how but it spread like fire. Govind Tiwari might still be unaware of the fact that he’s currently a trending topic Twitter. Yes, worldwide!

So who is this funny looking guy and why is he so awesome that everyone is talking about him? First, take a look at his blog here. Now laugh. Drink some water and walk around. Now take another look at those beautiful photos, read the little text and admire those blinking eyes. He’s a boy genius isn’t it?!

Someone with a flashy web page like that is bound to either get too much attention or get buried deep down into lowest levels of the ‘ignore’ list on the web. Govind Tiwari worked really hard on the website and now he’s a famous guy. At least for now.

On a serious note, Govind Tiwari is just another guy. A guy with a rather monstrous imagination. It is people like these that need rehabilitation centers otherwise they end up designing websites for Indian government. And Govind, if you’re reading this, I admire your work dude. Do tell me how you managed to add those blinking eyes effect.

Mark Zuckerberg Reviews Google+

google plus

The past week has been really interesting. Apart from working on something really awesome that we’re going to announce this coming Wednesday, I also got a chance to play around with Google’s new kid they call Google+. It’s a funny name because I thought it was just a cover for their +1 button. Running Facebook’s day to day operations sucks the juice out of my life but still I still decided to give it a shot.
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My Interview with Tablet and PC

tablet pc interview

Everyone’s talking about tablets and PCs and how one of them might not survive in the near future, I decided to go a step further and interview each of them. It was not an easy job at all but someone had to do it. Here’s me, the tablet and the PC.

Me: Ever since Apple launched the iPad, there has been an explosion of tablets in the market. There are so many of them now and almost everyone is coming up with their own tablets. We’ve heard that Amazon is going to launch it’s own family of Android based tablets? I’d like to get your views on this.

Tablet: First of all, thanks for inviting me. Secondly, who the heck are you? I’m way to cool for this, I like to be on TechCrunch and stuff you know. People see me here and my value might drop. Anyways I do charity at times too. Yes there has been an explosion of tablets in the market and this is the way it’s going to be until we completely terminate PCs from this planet.
PC: *coughs* Well hello guys! I may be a little old but that also makes me a lot more mature. I know everyone is talking about the tablets now and there’s a lot of them out in the market but we still kick their butt when it comes to usage and presence. There are still more PC owners than there are tablets.
Tablet: That won’t really stay like that very long, you know.
PC: We’ll see, son.
Tablet: Hey! Quit calling me son.
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A New Comic Hero for the Unemployed

the adventures of unemployed man

New York Times bestselling authors Erich Origen and Gan Golan have found a new way to beat the unemployment blues. A new kind of a superhero – for the unemployed. The Adventure of Unemployed Man is a graphic novel that takes a shot at the huge number of people facing the Great Recession in US. The characters include Unemployed Man, his sidekick Plan B, Wonder Mother, Master of Degrees and Pink Slip amongst others.

All I can say is that the superhero is here to stay, at least for now. While Obama continues to move his ass around in order to get his citizens a job, grab a copy of this amazing piece of satire and laugh out your worries. For those of you who have a job, may be this would prepare you well in advance.

Decoded: Letter From Apple on iPhone 4 Reception Issues

Apple has posted a letter amidst accusations coming from all over on reception issues being faced by iPhone 4 users. For all those of you who’re not smart enough here is the decoded version.

apple iphone 4 receptionDude you guys are talking about iPhone 4! You know we’ve sold like zillions of those. Almost everyone has one and those who don’t dream of owning one some day. You’ve got to hold the phone correctly dude be it Nokia, BlackBerry or the Droid. No stupid it doesn’t make any difference but it’s just that we had to write something smart. And you were the guys whose jaws dropped in shock and awe while Steve announced the new iPhone 4’s innovative antennae design. Now your signals screw you so you want to blame us eh?

A lot of imaginary people have sent us spam about how their iPhone 4 has a rocking reception. It’s great even when they’re underground. They claim they’ve been teasing their iPhone 3GS counterparts about the awesome reception they get with the fourth generation iPhone.

So where the heck is the problem?

Well we have found ourselves dumbfounded after some experiments at our test labs. We pondered on how we could cover up this whole stupid antennae issue and it seems a smart ass MIT graduate came out with a super cool solution.
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