Movie Review: I Hate Luv Storys

i hate luv storys review

Karan Johar , Imran Khan, Sonam ‘A’ Kapoor, the names themselves are big to lure the audience to watch the much anticipated movie of 2010- I Hate luv Storys, or IHLS. The movie is a so called love story between the protagonists, Jay (Imran Khan) and Simran (Sonam Kapoor) who meet while collectively working for a love story specialist director Veer Kapoor (Sameer Soni).

ihls reviewEnough of the introduction part and being sweet, the unmasked fun begins now. IHLS is not a love story, err… ‘luv story.’ In fact there is no story at all. I wonder what made Karan Johar make this one. The so called something which we un alienated people call a story, loses its grip right from the introductory shots of Jay and Simran. Barely fifteen minutes and I was tweeting about the biggest mistake I made, yes that was to watch this movie. Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan do look pretty and cute, but so are the characters of cliché soaps on television or even better. What differentiates them are the acting skills. Yes, gulp down the truth: TV actors can act way better than these two. Imran’s face is expressionless most of the times. He seems a robot trying to act. There is absolutely no chemistry between the two and there was no moment that I felt ‘connected’ with any of them or their magical moments. The airport scenes reminds us of Imran’s Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, literally, same place , same actor, similar dialogues and similar acting .

Talking about the writer and director , Punit Malhotra, one thing is apparent, either he is a kin of KJo or KJo owes him big money and inability to pay the debt, he let him direct this one. He tried to present old wine in a new bottle, and it seemed he himself got high on this wine and wrote this movie. This one doesn’t fit into any of the romantic, tragic, action or not even comic categories. It just have one category, trash. The only good part is the music , the background score which is an amalgamation of Bollywood and contemporary which is at times funny. The super hero of the movie is character played by Jay’s friend Kunal who will surely give u few moments of laugh in this otherwise obsolete one. FREE advice to Imran: start consulting your Maamu for the choice of scripts, and Sonam A Kapoor: addition of an A in the name will not take you anywhere, its time you add the A of Acting in you.

Rating : 2/5

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  1. Wow That Was One Helluva Laugh Riot.Wish I'd seen it B4 D Movie.Wud Have Made Hate K.Jo & The Malhotras far less than D Khan & Missy Kapoor.. Wonder why nobody thought of taking Bruna A in the lead role and stuffing Missy Sonam in Messy Abdullah's heels?

    But then being a Kapoor does matter in Bollywood so what if you happen to be Sanjay Kapoor? Sorry for being nasty just cud not resist it becoz of the very obvious connection..Dumbo he is Sonam's chachu rey!!! Wish someone had given him a bit role as well…he be glad 2 even get a cream roll at this point of his career.What career.Don't smirk baba.Lekin kya karen even Anil Kapoor gives him a pen (to right his destiny?) when he asks to be considered for any role in the home produtions.

    Well lemme see who have I left out yeah the two Samir's…Sonie & Dattani. Having given credit where it's (un) due
    I strongly feel that A-nil uncle took back the Parker pen from Sonam and offered her Aisha his home production if she promised to reomove the 'A' from her name. That was like adding insult to injury.

    So what is the plus point of IHLS? Well to begin you can start watching it from anywhere absolutely anywhere you want and it will gurantee you a good relaxing sleep. The few people you find in theaters are no fans of Sonam A.Kapoor or even Imran Khan but those souls suffering from sleep disorder sent by their doc.

    What more can I say..I hate kicking losers especially when they're down so I'd rather remain mum lest K.Jo takes offense and Manish Malhotra goes into deep sulk.

    Sonam Kapoor has 48,000 plus people follow her on twitter and not even 10% follow her films in theaters.Kya fyadaa?

  2. hey harry, don't you think when we click on the author's name, it should give us all the articles by that author….i liked the writing-style of this particular post… i thought to read more from her…..

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