Movie Review: My Name Is Khan

my name is khan movie review

I have to admit the first time I caught up with the My Name Is Khan promo on TV, I was so excited I started jumping on my bed. Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, the perfect Bollywood couple, were coming back after such a long time for Karan Johar’s latest flick. Emotions were bound to run high. My Name Is Khan (MNIK) become my most anticipated film of 2010. I didn’t care whether the soundtrack was good enough or not, I didn’t care whether the Shiv Sena element scared people off, I didn’t care if I had to pay a premium to buy a single ticket to watch My Name Is Khan for a special preview screening.

My Name Is Khan is based on the background of 9/11 and the painful prejudice that followed. Shah Rukh plays the character of Rizwan who is a firm believer in God. Shah Rukh’s performance is unquestionable. His character does reflect the likes of Forrest Gump at times. Kajol looks like she took a ride on time machine. She looks 20 years younger in My Name Is Khan. Kajol plays her character brilliantly. At a time when it looked My Name Is Khan is entirely a Shah Rukh Khan movie, Kajol truly proved her skills while justifying her character’s strengths. My Name Is Khan is not only watchable but it’s a wonderful masterpiece of film making thanks to Karan Johar and his team.

Everything that there is about My Name Is Khan is extremely worthwhile for any Bollywood lover, Shah Rukh Khan fan or a Kajol lover. I’m not much of a Karan Johar fan myself but somehow most of his films have a feel good factor that sucks you into a movie theater. My Name Is Khan might get Shah Rukh his much awaited National Film Award too especially with the current Shiv Sena hoopla all around the movie release.

I guess if Shiv Sena activists and the top leadership gets to catch up with a special screening of My Name Is Khan they might withdraw their protests. The movie isn’t about violence, the movie preaches the message of love in a beautiful manner. Something Shiv Sena maniacs could enjoy this Valentines Day.

On the whole My Name Is Khan is a brilliant must-see 2010 movie. A perfect outing for Valentine’s day just in case you don’t have anything else in mind. In case you’re keen on spending money and time with your loved one (duh!) on Valentines day, there’s still plenty of time to watch My Name Is Khan during this extended weekend.

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