Bollywood’s Bikini Bimbo Brigade 2008!

priyanka chopra wearing a bikini in dostana

There was a time when Bollywood was fascinated by kissing scenes. To inflate an awful lot of hype into the movie the producers would press the director to include a steamy kissing scene in the movie. Even if they had to fake the entire kiss they would still go about raising rumors that there is this special kissing scene in the movie and it became the talk of the town.

As things went on big bad Bollywood grew up and kissing is no more ‘the buzz’ factor. Bikinis have become the latest trend in Bollywood. Although the Bollywood bikini brigade has been there in the past, it has only recently generated extra heat as more actresses, the I-won’t-ever-shed-clothes types, have joined the bikini club.

Aishwarya Bachchan Rai joined the bikini birgade in 2006 with Dhoom 2. Most of the people went to see Dhoom 2 for two reasons. One was the ugly bikini and the second was the smooch with Hrithik. The latter seemed to have worked. Can’t say the same for Abhishek though.

kareena kapoor wearing a bikini in tashan

The year 2008 saw some new entrants as well. First it was Kareena Kapoor in Tashan. Kareena was in the news for reasons more than just the bikinis. She had apparently lost a whole lot of weight to get into the bikinis. That makes me wonder, why don’t they make large sized bikinis? But then no one would like to see the fat fug. Kareena’s zero figure still remains in the news as Tashan burnt into ashes at the box office. The audience verdict was simple and to the point. In today’s world of the Internet we don’t need to watch a movie for a 36 second bikini scene, thank God for YouTube!

manisha lamba wearing a bikini in photoshootThen it was Manisha Lamba who made it to the news. Actually it was Irfan Khan who inflated the whole Kidnap movie balloon and since Manisha was starring in the movie and there was a bikini in the wardrobe and hence the hype. The movie was as bimbo as the bikini. May be Manisha didn’t know how to carry a bikini and so she looked so stupid all the time. I think she was just too scared, “What if this tiny little thing comes off?!!”

And when love stories were falling apart and nothing was working for Priyanka Chopra she decided it was time to get into the bikini brigade. Priyanka’s venture into the bikini world proved she’s a bimbo too. Apparently when other actresses were losing weight by eating boiled veggies and nothing, Priyanka was gorging on chocolate cakes and tandoori chicken. Her fat ass bikini scene in Dostana was the worst you’ll ever see. It was like Hema Malini of today doing a bikini scene. Actually Hema could have pulled it off much better!

You certainly don’t need brains for wearing bikinis but you do need to carry them quite well. Bollywood actresses can’t stop smiling once they’re in their bikinis and they can’t stop bragging how it took them months of fitness training to fit into that bikini. It’s high time they read their scripts well and got their acts together rather than Googling bikinis in scripts.

3 Replies to “Bollywood’s Bikini Bimbo Brigade 2008!”

  1. chicks doing review on other chicks is just not as fantastic as chicks making out with other chicks. it simply robs the whole essence out of it. i agree bolly chicks cant carry bikini at all. look at those chicks..i can’t even spot a molecule of cleavage through those bikinis!!! 😛

  2. Heh, nice post. Can’t blame them though, a typical bollywood movie is empty as a blackhole when it comes to script, screenplay, story and acting. You have to add something to sell tickets. 😉

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